It was beautiful, the sunset.

It had an aura around it. Explaining it with words wasn’t a very easy thing to do. Especially the sunset up on the hills Ada had always treasured.

It really was beautiful.

One had to experience it to really understand just how radiant it was.

Ada giggled. A radiant sunset. Sunrises were meant to be the radiant openings. Sunsets were meant to start out with a burnt orange look before cascading into a purple hue. That purple—the kind that didn’t quite fit into the rainbow’s spectrum—gave the hill side an almost sentient feeling.

Even more beautiful was the fact that the waters below seemed to be forever trapped in a dance, the tides swaying to music only they themselves could hear.

But Ada didn’t mind. The music she liked to listen to were the sweet whispers of nothing the sea breeze always brought to her ears as her hair billowed carelessly with the flow.

“I’ve always loved this place. My mother always brought me here whenever things were going bad for us. She would kiss my forehead and point a finger towards the sunset. ‘Adaeze,’ she would say, ‘you see as the sun sets right now, after a long day working to shine light down on us? Tomorrow it will do the same thing again, rising up from behind the curtains of the world to show us light once again.’”

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Ada took in a deep breath and smiled.

“She would tell me, ‘Ada, the sun goes to rest and resumes the next day. So that is what we will do. Things may be bad now, but we will rise and face another day. And just like the sun, we will shine.’ Then we would sit down together, hand-in-hand doing nothing but admiring the way the sun set and turned the whole place a mixture of orange and purple. I was always fascinated by the way the colours changed because the sun was leaving. Doesn’t that fascinate you Michael?”

She looked down at the guy tied up and gagged as he wriggled and tried to speak through the gag. Ada only smiled at his futile attempts to set himself loose. She had made doubly sure the knots on the rope would hold perfectly.

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“Yes… I do agree with you. It’s awe inspiring.” She sighed deeply, looking longingly at the descending sun. “My mother’s words have always stuck with me. See… you’re a cheating bastard, Michael, and you’ve possibly ruined a good deal of my life. But…” she smiled, “I’ll rise just like the sun.”

Ada stood up, dusted the back of her jeans, and proceeded to tie a block to the foot of the flailing Michael.

“This,” she grunted as she tied, “is to ensure you stay down and enjoy the beauty of the waters. I hear that the deeper you go, the more beautiful it is.” Michael made frightened noises through his gag and Ada only smiled. “Oh don’t worry Michael, Toyin is down there too. I already sent her first so she could lie in wait for you to fall on her and insert her with your penis. After all… that’s how it happened the first couple of times, right?”

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Ada smiled, and Michael cried. But the tears didn’t faze her as she finished tying the block. With a leisure pace, she moved to Michael’s torso, and with a foot and some force, pushed his body over the cliff. Michael’s muffled screams echoed weakly against the cliff walls, but Ada was oblivious to them.

She took another deep breath, exhaled, sat down on the blanket she had spread and pulled out a sandwich to munch on as she watched the sunset begin to make the horizon turn purple.



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