There were tears in his eyes, he realized that now. He must have been crying after he heard the screams of the girl from the other side of the forest. He couldn’t have saved her. There was no way to do that. He didn’t even know who she was, but he remembered how she had smiled at him even when they were very hungry and had nothing to eat because the gods had decided to not feed them that day. 

The gods. That’s what they called themselves. 

The gods were their keepers, their guardians. And despite all that, the gods treated them with so much revulsion and disgust it was alarming. What had they done to deserve such treatment? No one had bothered to let them know what their crimes had been. As one god had put it, they weren’t humans to question their law, because there was nothing they could offer them. The humans… whoever these ‘creatures’ were, the gods adored them, worshiped them, and made them stronger. And in turn, the gods would use the kids as hunting game. 

Tears rolled down the boy’s face as he remembered the entire trauma he had faced at the hands of these so called gods. If he wasn’t human, then what was he? Countless times he had asked himself what the reason for it all was. Countless times he had felt completely empty and depressed, unable to find an answer or any sort of consolation. This time wasn’t different, and to make matters worse he was tired, hungry and itchy from wading through the forest shrubs. 

Young one, are your feet not weary? Sit down and suckle from my fruit, o?

His head jerked up so hard it felt like it would snap. In front of him was a lady so beautiful she could be described as a… a… 

“A goddess? Yes, nwannem. I am a goddess.” 

A goddess. He hadn’t come across one before. The gods were all he had come across, besides the other boys and girls he saw now and then. The goddess in front of him had a green hue to her skin, and it seemed she covered her parts with leaves. She was curvy and looking at her stirred something in him that he wasn’t aware of. She stepped closer to him and took his face in her hands, wiping away the tears from his eyes. She laid his head on her chest and he felt like he had never felt before; comforted, at ease and peaceful. She hugged him and hummed a low tune as she rocked him from side to side. 


“Agu o na gu gi?” She asked as she sat down on the forest floor and pulled him down to meet her. 

She asked him if he was hungry. It was strange. He understood her, but he had no idea how he did. Not that it mattered. He nodded and she smiled. With her left hand she removed the leaves on her chest and with her right she pushed his head down towards it. 

“Nne, come to my bosom. Suck on my fruit and quench your thirst. Sate your hunger, my darling.”

There was the stirring in him again. Without giving it a second thought, he began sucking. A sweet liquid filled his mouth immediately and he could not stop himself. Profusely he kept sucking, only realizing how hungry he really was. He hardly noticed the smile that was on the goddess’s face and the soft moans she gave each time he sucked hard. He didn’t know how long it took, but eventually he had his fill. Rather than keep sucking, he licked the tip of the fruit to relish some of the taste before wiping his mouth. 

“Thank you, goddess.” He looked down and saw his loins erect, but it did not bother him. He had questions that needed answers, and the goddess seemed to be capable of such answers. “What am I, goddess? Why have I been suffering? Who are the gods?”

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The goddess shushed him with a finger to his lips. She smiled at him as she stroked his cheek. Then she put her head down and gave him a kiss. The boy began to change. He felt power flowing through him, and at the same time he felt something leave him. He didn’t know what was happening, but the surge was amazing. As abrupt as it started, it stopped. The goddess let go of his head and spoke to him. 

“Owu chi ka ga ta uta. E nyerem gi ini ki were mmegwara, gbuo ha. E nyerem gi ike mmeri.” 

Yes… vengeance against the gods. He felt the hunger in him. He wanted to tear their flesh… he needed to tear their flesh and drink the blood that dripped from it. One particular god was in his mind, and he wouldn’t rest till he ripped out his heart. He turned to thank the goddess for this gift bestowed on him, but when he turned to look at her she was nowhere to be seen. No matter, he had a mission to do, and do it he would. 


The boy had changed; he knew this well. He relished the fact that the boy would come looking for him, but he couldn’t help the fear that rose from his stomach when he remembered the boy changed because of her. She would do anything to spite him, even if it meant his death. He would deal with the boy whenever he dared showed his pitiful face, because he was a god and he wasn’t to be trifled wi—what was that sound? He was certain he had heard something, but he couldn’t be sure. He stopped moving and listened carefully. If it was one of the children then he was going to enjoy this hunt. 


There was a guttural scream coming from somewhere far away. He froze as he realized that wasn’t the scream of a child, but one of his fellow gods. Someone had gotten to one of them. Whoever the god was, he must have been really sloppy to have a child ge— 


This was insane. Another god? Who could be doing that? He felt his gut protest in agony as he realized who it was… 

The boy had changed. 




The boy looked at his fallen prey. This one had died faster than the first one had, pleading so dearly for his pitiful life. It had infuriated the boy to no end to see the tears fall as the god grovelled. Without hesitation he had ripped out those annoying eyes and had tried tasting them. They were mashy, unlike the rod that he had extracted from the previous god. That one had not seen his approach and so the boy had tackled him down and immediately ripped open his loins. The rod had tasted good, and the energy he felt as he chewed through it satisfied him to no end. He had promptly chewed on the belly of the god before sniffing the next one close by. 

His fear stank, and it repulsed the boy so much that he had to find the god and end it. He had to admit to himself that he enjoyed eating the flesh of the god as he was screaming and whimpering. The god even soiled himself. It was despicable how these beings could be so helpless but would act mighty when hunting down children like them. This god had begun to taste stale and he was no longer interested in eating. But he felt his power grow, and so he kept eating whatever he could grab; breaking the hands of the god and sucking out the juice in the bones. 

It was as he was cracking bones to suck that he noticed his hands. They were no more fleshy and calloused like they used to be. They were bare and looked sickly. The skin was taut against the bone and his fingers were thin, long and ugly. Blood ran down them like water on a smooth surface. He stood up and looked at his body. He could see his ribs through cracks and tears in his skin, and his belly had depressed so much it looked like a bowl. His legs were longer and thinner, with broken skin wrapping round them. His loins had changed, but before he could understand it he caught another scent in the air. 

This one was a mix of fear and excitement, and it was coming towards him. He crept away to hide and see who would come around. 


The god could not imagine what she would have done to the boy. The carnage he was looking at was something even he could not imagine doing. This had surpassed the act of a bloodthirsty being. This was horrible. Inside parts were scattered all over, the eyes were gouged out and the privates had been ripped off; even the power eggs had been crushed. There were so many things here that could have led to the death of this one, and not too far away he heard the rustle of leaves as something moved away. 

Quickly he walked towards the direction and was met with more carnage. Without knowing it, tears began to form in his eyes as he knelt and looked at what had become of his comrades. They had been torn to shreds, just like the dolls that the humans made for their children. What had she done? What had she unleashed? She would suffer for this, one way or the other. He just didn’t know how. 

He didn’t feel it at first, but when he tried to get up he realized he couldn’t. Looking behind him, he saw blood seeping out from a place that used to have his foot. Before he had time to react, he felt a sharp tug on his right side and looked to find out all he had of his arm left was from shoulder to elbow. Then the pain intensified. The god could not believe the scream that his ears were picking up, and he was shocked all the more to realize that it was coming from him. The pain blurred his vision and he did not see the thin, saw-like hand that sped to his face and slapped him. He heard the crack and felt his head snap to the side, but he felt the sting of it seconds later. When he saw his assailant fear, anger, shock and desperation mixed all into one. 


“You too, pathetic god.” The boy didn’t smile. There was an animalistic grimace on his face. When the god looked at the boy, he realized the extent of his change. He was a boy no more. He had transformed into a beast, and he was hungry. The bloody bits dripping from his mouth did not help to ease the fear the god felt. “You know who I am. So you know that you will die painfully.” 

“Hah! Fool! You think you can harm me? You think—aaaaaaaargh!!!”  An ear was ripped out. The god could not believe the strength the boy had. 

“You make too much noise for someone with so much might.” Another slap. “Where is your power now?” A smack to the face. “Or are you only powerful…” Twisting of the other ear “… when you’re chasing little ones?” Ear ripped off. “Do you enjoy the screams…” Lifting of the other hand. “… of little children?” Taking a huge bite off the hand. 

The god screamed out as his hand was chomped off. He stared in horror as the blood that spurted out was greedily consumed by the boy… no, the beast. With nothing left anymore and fear further pushing his actions, the god began to rant. 

“You think it ends here if you kill me? I cannot fade easily! You will suffer! My brothers shall find you! They shall—” He felt a sharp tug… and then nothing. 


The boy was tired of listening to the god talk, and now he was spewing nonsense about his brothers and fading. Without a second though he plunged his hand deep into the chest of the god and ripped out his heart. The boy took a bite out of it, chewed it and spat it on the face of the god. But he wasn’t satisfied with this. He had to get back at the gods for what they had done to him all that time. He felt something in his mind and immediately knew where he needed to go. 

It took him some time, and the moon was out, but he finally saw the end of the forest. When he reached, he saw orange glows with black lines. It was a fire, and there were little ones running around while older ones sat on the ground. And then he knew how to enact revenge. These were human beings. The gods adored these beings for their worship, and so he would kill, maim and eat them to spite the gods. He would mislead the little ones into coming deep into the forest and cause pain for those who took care of them. He knew that it was the goddess who led him here, and with bliss he never felt he looked up into the night sky and gave a monstrous shriek of joy. 


Disclaimer; Phylix Chika wrote this Fiction exclusively for any form of re-publishing this work both in hard and soft copy is highly Prohibited

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