The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business

Growing our normal businesses is a hell of a job i know that  but to archive greater result you should go out there,

yes to grow your business is simply communacation, you have to go out there to your potential buyers not wasting your time in the office pointing at one staff or the other every time I see a business not performing it is primarily because they are not spending enough hours in the day on the sales process. Either refining how they sell or getting out there and getting face to face with potential customers. How much time should you spend on sales? Well if you’re running a new business you should devote at least 80 % of your day to it.

If you’re an established business you should spend at least 30% of your day on the sales process or connecting with customers.

Does that sound too extreme? It shouldn’t. What else could you be doing that is more important?

When you spend most of your time selling opportunities quickly arise. Door open. Checks get written. Good things happen. When you stay in your office talking to your staff, pontificating over product details, admin and minutiae you may progress your business, but you won’t greatly increase your revenue.

Only going out there and asking more people to buy your stuff will make a real difference in the long run. All else is tinkering at the peripheries of success.

All great companies are great at sales: OracleORCL +NaN%. McKinsey. IBMIBM -0.14%




As of 06/20/2017, 09:51am EDT

. NordstromJWN -1.98%. Even Herbalife. They grew huge not just because of the quality product line (the world is filled with companies with great products that are struggling to survive) but their utter commitment to selling it better than their competitors.  And getting out there and asking people for their business.

The major secret is getting out there, the future of your business is out there…


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