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#EmmyshubStories “SandHurst” Finale

Sandhurst 5 of 5 ====================================== When will you learn, that death is your friend? - Unknown She was looking at herself. The same leather clothing. The same sandals. Same eyes. Same blue eyes. Same dagger. The only difference was the malicious grin etched deeply on her doppelganger's face. “You don’t know your own name. You don’t

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#EmmyshubStories “SandHurst” Chapter Two

#Sandhurst #2 – In the Depth (1878 words) ========================= The gods would no sooner make you lame Just so they have what is yours and lay claim. - Mama Idiegwu “Wow. Who knew the labyrinth would be so big!?” the bird exclaimed, perched on her shoulder with its head stretching to take it all in. Even

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How do you tell the dead they are no longer alive? How do you plead with the beast that the mother denied? - From the tales of noon It was hot. But not scalding hot. Just hot enough to bring consciousness back. The ground beneath felt loose and almost soft, but also rough

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