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#EmmyshubStories: ‘Don’t Cry’ chapter 13

#Fiction Previously on Don't Cry; “You slapped me?” Lara asked as she slapped Foluso. “YOU SLAPPED ME!” At that point, everything came crashing down. All the anger. The sadness. The frustration. The angst. The pains. Each time a new sensation passed through the cracks of Lara's emotional walls, another hit was landed. A

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#EmmyshubStories: ‘Don’t Cry’ chapter 12

#Fiction It's that time again, people. Let's get it on! Previously on Don't Cry; “Sshhh... it's alright, Barbara. You were having a bad dream. Go back to sleep.” “I... don't... sleep... Daddy...” Barbara fought to stay away awake, but something was making her sleep. She smelled methylated spirit but was too weak to find

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