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FICTION #NIGHTMARE ============ Chike was restless. He sauntered by and by, looking very sad, in this small spaced dingy prison, brandishing his arms as he was reliving on how he was captured and thrown into this ugly world. Evening was crawling closer as he had noticed when he could barely see through,

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5 Best Short stories of 2017 #Emmyshub

Hey guys ! I have made a list of 5 best short stories of the year (2017) from Emmyshub Stories section. These stories are nothing but Interesting do read and share ... Happy New Year in advance ~Emmy Isaac   Number Five : Father's Love   Number Four: Bloody Rapisits. Number Three: Crawl   Number Two: Bar Night   Number one: Life Left    

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BOOMERANG... #2 ******* ********** ****** The dinner was served by me. We ate in silence. He didn’t want to talk about the taste of the food, he preferred to eat as quietly as possible. I was growing weary of his recent behavior. I could no longer hold any more of this agony

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