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Bad Government and Ful-ani herdsmen~Arinze writes

Emmyshub Top writer "Chukwebuka Harrison" has taken a tide with the pen and this time its about the Fulani herdsment and the Government, read the article below : i hate them you hate them we hate them they are called the ful-ani when they are in truest sense 'foolish animals' i thought you thought we thought they are cattle

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================ As he wriggled, wagged and slithered on the floor whining in pains, she began her death sentence sermon as she squatted down over his waist and started undressing him from the waist down. "So this is what you do to innocent girls. You rape them to death. To what gain if

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BOOMERANG... #2 ******* ********** ****** The dinner was served by me. We ate in silence. He didn’t want to talk about the taste of the food, he preferred to eat as quietly as possible. I was growing weary of his recent behavior. I could no longer hold any more of this agony

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