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#EmmyshubStories ”SANDHURST” by Phylix Chika [Ongoing Story]

How do you tell the dead they are no longer alive? How do you plead with the beast that the mother denied? - From the tales of noon It was hot. But not scalding hot. Just hot enough to bring consciousness back. The ground beneath felt loose and almost soft, but also rough

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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” |Ongoing Story

What do you do when you wake up one day and find the beautiful dreams you built over the years shattered before  your very eyes? You find yourself drowning into emptiness, your beautiful past becomes just a bunch of some distant, blur memories ============= Today Bukky found herself drowning into that emptiness, "Dr Cassandra,

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================ As he wriggled, wagged and slithered on the floor whining in pains, she began her death sentence sermon as she squatted down over his waist and started undressing him from the waist down. "So this is what you do to innocent girls. You rape them to death. To what gain if

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