The sound woke me. I Jerked up and sat on the bed, clutching my night dress together.
I heard the sound again, it was gunshots!!! And it was close

I quickly got off the bed, grateful for the darkness and crawled to my baby’s room, I saw her on her bed, she was lying on her stomach as peaceful as calm waters. I lifted her and held her against my shoulder, grateful she didn’t make any sound. I could hear my neighbors downstairs shouting and begging and then there was an eerie silence.

My flat was directly above my neighbor’s, so I heard everything. My neighbor had told them where he kept the money but they killed him anyway and then his wife because the money was little. Their children weren’t home, school was in session.

I knew my flat was next and my husband wasn’t home. He went on a business trip. I was alone in the house with a 6months old daughter.

I stood there in the darkness, my baby’s head resting on my shoulder, my body trembling.

I heard their footsteps, they were getting close, I was rooted to the spot, I wanted to run, but I couldn’t.

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They got to my door and shouted for me to come open it, I peed on myself and then my mother instinct kicked in, I knew I had to do to protect my child. My baby girl

I ran to the store room, my eyes haven adjusted to the darkness, I heard them hitting the door, I knew it was going to give way soon. We got to the store room and I hid my baby in there, under a pile of cloth, she didn’t make any sound, she just slept, unaware of the danger we were in.

As I left the room, they broke the door and the leader struck his hand across my face. Hard. So hard that I tasted blood.

Why didn’t you open the door on time? He asked angrily and struck me again.

I was on the ground,my eyes closed with fear, not for myself but for daughter’s safety.

“Where’s the money? He asked

I was still on the ground, I started weeping.

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“Where’s the money? He asked again “we told you people that well be ccoming any time this month”

“we didn’t know it would be today, my husband isn’t home, there’s no money”

His face twisted with anger, he didn’t like what he just heard, he landed a blow to my face and they began to ransack the house.

“dear God, may they not go to the store room ” I prayed

The men ransacked my home, I watch them tear down everything, even my wedding portrait wasn’t left out.

“boss, no money for this house” one of them said to the leader.

He came to where I knelt and grabbed me by my hair, I cried out in pain and struggled with him, he didn’t have to say anything, I knew what he wanted to do, it was in his eyes.

Just as he was about to tear my cloth, sade started to cry.

“there’s a baby in this house, find am”

“please no, please no, leave my baby alone, please I’m begging you”

He struck me again with the and I fell hard, when I raised my head, one of them held Sade in his hands, she was crying bitterly.

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“let me confort her please, she needs her mother”

He hit me with the butt of his gun and I fell, my head hit the hard floor and everything became blank


I wake up in the hospital, a man sleeps beside me. I don’t recognize him at first, then I realise It is my husband. He looks shabby

“what Happened” I croaked, my throat is dry, I need water

My husband lifts his head and sees me, he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. There is joy on his face, he ran outside and called on the doctors

“what happened”?? I asked again when he came back.

He looks at me and says
“it’s a long story, but you’ve been in a coma for 4 years”


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