Uncle Samuel—fair, tall, lanky and smart sat beside me, his big hand on my leg. He smiled, as I watched the movement of his lips, then his hands and body. He just sat there licking his lips, his index finger tracing an invisible line on my neck.
This man always loved me and took me as his child. Or so I thought. He began to stroke my leg gently, causing me to shiver. The memories of how it all started years ago coming back. I looked into his eyes and it was obvious the goat was horny. “Holy mother of God,” I muttered under my breath. Maybe it was the time I stopped everything. I would have stopped it since but the thought of tearing my aunt’s home apart always stopped me but not this time. I wasn’t going back unless I completed my mission.

“Do you love me?” I asked him. My hands going under his shirt. He laughed, revealing his yellowish teeth. “Yes. I do, otherwise, I won’t be the one to take your virginity.” It was obvious he was proud of what he did. I could see the smile on his face. The smile I saw the day he called me to his room and told me to give him a massage. The same smile I saw when he had a boner while massaging him. I was young then and didn’t understand anything. He had grabbed my hand and placed it on his raging boner. The command “Remove it and put it in your mouth.” still stuck in my head. I had refused but he promised to buy sweets for me.
He told me Mother wasn’t going to be angry if I did it. “You’re just helping your uncle.” He said. It continued for months, stretching to years. Stupid Uncle. He’d always drop white stuff in my mouth and tell me to swallow it or I won’t be his baby again. I became cold, remembering the first time I cried after he forcefully put his penis in my mouth after I told him I didn’t want to do it and he threatened me.

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All grown now after leaving the country I realized he was a fool and deserved to be punished.

“I love you, Nna.” He rubbed my thigh. My hand still in his stomach. “You do? Then why did you take advantage of my innocence when I was young?” I asked him.

“The both of us know you enjoyed it then that’s why you want more now.”  That’s what he thought. He thought I enjoyed it when I didn’t. The fool couldn’t remember the way I cried and begged him to stop the day he penetrated me.

I removed my hand from under his shirt and excused myself to use the bathroom.

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I was back and he was naked already, sprawled on the sofa.

“I’ll give you a massage,” I told him causing his Dick to spring up for joy.

Our massage session started with me blindfolding him.

“Feel the moment,” I whispered in his ears.

Sitting comfortably by his side, I began to massage him from his neck down to his stomach. Then, I reached for my pocket and brought it out. In all honesty, I was happy.

With the knife in one hand and a towel in the other, I used it to start by drawing curves on his leg. “Ouch! What’s that?” He asked terrified.

“Enjoy it, Dee.”

I wiped the blood off then went for his hard nipples. It was going to be perfect in my food tonight. Carving a circle on it, blood oozed out. He shouted but no one was going to save him this time. Revenge. Sweet Revenge.

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“Stop! Please!” He pleaded. “Shhhh. Let’s finish this up.” I grabbed his penis. Using the knife to draw a straight line from the cap to its base, I made sure it opened as I squeezed his balls. “You’re hurting me.” He cried and t made me happy. Happy that he was about to die. Unfolding the blindfold, I let him see what I was doing to him. He screamed. He te tried to free himself but was already weak. He had lost a lot of blood and was going soon. His struggle became less as he gave up the minutes his penis dropped on the floor.                                                                              “Have fun in hell.” I spat on his corpse.

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