Never loose your phone contacts again with these simple steps.

Hey guys! Today, I want us to talk about how you can keep all your phone contacts safe and never lose any one of them ever again!

Often times, people around me have complained about losing their phones which in turn meant losing their contacts too and it just never made sense to me. I have lost my phone countless times but I have never lost a single phone number. It’s not magic, it’s pretty simple. We live in an era where everything that can be stored digitally can always be retrieved.

I have thought about this and I have decided to write about this today, to share these simple methods with anyone who can lay their eyes on this article.

So what I will be explaining shortly is not rocket science, it’s simply a way to backup all your contacts to your Cloud.

Basic requirements: an android phone, a working email address and an active internet connection.

To backup / sync your contacts can be very simple and very efficient using Cloud. Most of the times when we are saving contacts in our phones and we are asked to select a storage location, most of us immediately choose ‘SIM card’ or ‘phone storage’. Now these options are good but that’s the root of all our problems concerning lost phone contacts. Apart from the fact that they offer limited storage capacities, they are also once lost, irretrievable.
So what happens to those important phone numbers of your business partners, managers, staff, colleagues, old time buddies? Should they just be lost? Of course not!
With these simple sync steps, you can actually save your contacts on your Cloud and have them appear on all your devices, even those newly purchased.


1. Sign in your email to your mobile android device; at this point I assume you have a working email address that you can always remember its password. If you don’t, please create one here. (Choose passwords you can always remember when setting up your email address. This is very important guys; always make use of passwords you can ALWAYS remember. I know there is a way to recover forgotten passwords but it’s best to use something unique that only you can remember. I’m saying this because your password alongside your email address will be required whenever you want to sign in on a new device)

All email companies offer free Cloud space of up to 15GB per email account and this is where we would be saving our contacts. You can sign in your email in your android device by going to settings>accounts>add account>select Google if it’s a gmail and yahoo if its a yahoo mail>enter your email address and password and you are good to go!

2. Once you are signed in you will notice some changes on your device. For instance, your newly signed in email address will now be visible from settings>accounts. Once it’s visible from here, you are ready to proceed to the next step.
3. As you have signed in your email address to your mobile phone, you are basically done with the difficult part of this tutorial. The only thing left for you to do is, whenever you are saving a new contact in your phone and you are asked to select a storage location, instead of selecting your phone or SIM card, simply select your newly signed email which will appear alongside the phone/SIM card options.

4. After saving a contact on your email account, the contact details will be synced with your email account and would appear across all your devices where that your particular email is signed in. Even if you had just purchased a new device, all you have to do is sign in your email address and voilá! Your contacts will appear and you can get in touch with whomever you want to get in touch with.

Now if you have your contacts already in your SIM cards and phone storage and want to sync them too, you can easily move them to your cloud with these simple steps.

1. Go to your phone’s contact .
2. Click the options’ icon which is usually located at the top right corner of the phone screen.

3. Select ‘import/export’ option or ‘move device contacts to’ as it’s mostly shown on Samsung phones.

4. A drop down menu appears stating

‘copy to’

Import from external storage

Import from external storage

Export to internal storage

Export to external storage

5. At this point, I want you to select ‘copy to’. A list of all the available storage locations will appear (For Andriod versions later than 5.1, the ‘copy to’ option has been eliminated so you are to choose ‘Export to’)

6. Select your email address from the list

7. Once you have selected your email address, your contact list will appear and you would be required to mark the contacts you wish to copy to your Cloud. You can mark them manually or by selecting the ‘mark all’ option on the top screen. Click ‘done’ after you must have marked all the contacts you need and wait patiently for a few moments while the synchronization takes place.

NB: after the synchronization, your contacts might be duplicated. This is normal; it means one is saved to the SIM while the other is saved on your email account.
8. Now, if you are using a Samsung device what you will see might look like this;

9. i.e after clicking the ‘move device contacts’ option.

10. Select google if it’s a google email that you have and yahoo if its a yahoo mail.

11. A warning dialogue box will appear informing you that all your contacts will be moved to your Google Cloud. Click on ‘ok’ and wait a few moments for the move to end.

That should get all your contacts synced up.

Security Tips: one of the greatest threats digital contents face is hacking. So, for your own protection, I urge you not to disclose your email password to anyone so as to avoid hacking. Also, use a strong password combination.
For those of you who can, please activate a two-key authentication for your email account.

For those of you who can’t, I’ll make out time to write a tutorial on how to properly secure your email account, Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, and all your online accounts with two-key authentication.
If you have any question or experience any difficulty, please don’t hesitate to use the comment section of this post. I will be monitoring the moderation so as to answer all your questions. You can also inbox EmmyshubOnline on Facebook for quicker responses.


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