Like Periwinkles in Afang

It’s hard to choose between surprised and very impressed , how i felt about the very loud and impeccable Ibibio chatterings at the bus park .

There were seats but the only thing i wanted to do was leave the crowded bus park and find my way to you or have you find me , either ways i just didn’t want to sit .

Men , young and old alike kept running after arriving buses with chants of ” Drop ” and ” You get load for booth ? ” , and for a while i was held spellbound by how they ran after buses .

I would sit for a while to ease the pain on my back and everytime i stood up i had my eyes fixed on the gate , hoping to catch a glimpse of you .

But it wasn’t a glimpse that i caught , it was an ambience , a whole feeling . My bag felt lighter when you stepped out to me , my head too .

It was opium what your searching eyes injected into the moment , into me . And while we rode back i only caught you stealing stares because i wanted to steal long glances too .
Your city away from the park was different , it was the real Uyo . Calm , serene and beautiful .

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The whole noise had died now , except there was loud music in my head and my heart danced .

One kiss , two , three and a few more stopped the music in my head , and ignited a fire

Your skin looked like silk and felt like the foam on the top of a glass of chilled stout .
I am crazy or i thought i was , but you had me wanting to match your sweet eccentricity .
All the stares you effortlessly gathered while we walked your city was both embarrassing and thrilling .
And the first afang meal did not live up to my expectations but it had everything they said it would have . The whole hilarity in trying so hard to suck out the periwinkle from its shell , the way your perfectly outlined teeth graced my eyes every time i watched you laugh at my struggle with the tiny sea creature .
I still search for words to say how your smile feels and i think I’ll never find them because somethings are better left undescribed . They just need to be felt .
And then the things you had said to me without moving your tiny lips , leaving me to wonder how i had understood every unsaid word .


Every single time i had you in my arms , a certain tranquil takes over and it feels everytime like home . i tried to savor every moment but i realized i was being too conscious . Love loses all its beauty when you can’t lose your self to it .

So i flung nose long into the feelings you bring , caring less about a crash and it was then that i began enjoy every moment . i would begin to feel everything even more deeply after every flame session , but what i feel for you didn’t need any enhancements , it was there strong and careless .
I know now that I’ll think of you when i see periwinkles or when i listen to Jazz , or when i listen to the Jonas brothers sing ” Sucker ” , or every single time i breathe .
The other night i had Afang before me again and i sucked the periwinkles out without stress , i wished at one point that i didn’t learn how to suck it out , so you could laugh at me in that childish way you do that reminds me of my would be daughter .

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But just like sucking periwinkles from Afang , I’ll learn how to not allow the fear of the vulberability that you bring ruin a good thing .


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