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Inspiring Quotes That has Helped Many Find More Meaning to their lives

Mera BakerFinding meaning is such a personal and subjective discovery that the key to inspiring others is simply facilitating thought and personal engagement. It’s through introspection, retrospection and conversations about your passions, interests and priorities that you actually discover what truly matters most.

Mera Baker, corporate counsel, Patch of Land

joe gagliese

At work and at home, I have become a source of inspiration to others around me through leading by example. I take a strong approach to accountability and hard work, which motivates people around me to achieve their goals.

Joe Gagliese, co-founder, managing partner, Viral Nation Inc.




Peter Johnston

Being honest and direct is very important to me and something I’d never compromise on. I’ve worked for too many companies where I felt that my managers didn’t actually care, had their own agendas or told employees what they thought they wanted to hear. I strive to be transparent and candid even if I have to deliver bad news—everyone appreciates an explanation. I think this has helped my teammates and people I work with get anchored and push through. The truth communicated in black and white will always help getting people to partner together to solve a problem.

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Peter Johnston, CEO, Kalo




Temple St. Clair

I try to impart my knowledge and experience to others so they can find their passion and direction, as I have been fortunate enough to have found mine. I work very closely with my team of young professional women, whom I feel a responsibility to inspire as many mentors have inspired and supported me along the way. Whether it be taking my entire staff to Florence, taking field trips to exhibits around NYC, or providing them with classes or consultants to further their professional growth, I want to empower my team so they can find their meaning. Hopefully I am successful!

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Temple St. Clair, founder, Temple St. Clair




derek sine

The search for purpose has dominated my life as long as I can remember. At this point, all I can say is that every individual life does have intrinsic meaning. I’m convinced of that, and I hope the people around me find that conviction inspiring.

Derek J. Sine, managing director, Vander Group



Sama Jashnani

I always encourage people to have the courage to follow their heart and not bother about what anyone else thinks. Most importantly, I love to act as a catalyst in enabling people to discover the leader and fire within

—to believe in themselves no matter what happens.

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Sama Jashnani, co-founder, CEO, DownToDash




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