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The Boy Had Changed

There were tears in his eyes, he realized that now. He must have been crying after he heard the screams of the girl from the other side of the forest. He couldn’t have saved her. There was no way to do that. He didn’t even know who she was, but

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Tale Of The Night (Happy Halloween)

The night was dark. The air was cold. The winds whispered secrets no one would hear. In the depths of the night, four siblings huddled together in a room, trading stories to frighten themselves, as they enjoyed the solitude and the chills the night gave them. Clutched to her big

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EHB Story: DIM

You should leave. At least, that's what you've been telling yourself all this while. You sit in the car, the wipers lazily swiping at the windscreen as drizzle flutters down to obscure the view in front of you. Even with the low visibility of the evening light, you can very well

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