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‘TRANCE’ a short thriller story by ‘Phylix Chika’

#Fiction Trance ====== It was beautiful, the sunset. It had an aura around it. Explaining it with words wasn’t a very easy thing to do. Especially the sunset up on the hills Ada had always treasured. It really was beautiful. One had to experience it to really understand just how radiant it was. Ada giggled. A radiant

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Adele Celebrates her 30th Birthday with a ‘Titanic’Themed party {Photos}

Award-winning singer, Adele, who turned 30 over the weekend hosted a lavish Titanic-themed birthday party for her friends and family in Beverly Hills. The British singer was dressed as Kate Winslet's iconic character Rose from James Cameron's epic 1997 disaster movie for the star-studded costume bash. In series of black and white images shared from the party, Adele

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