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Iska | My Father’s children | Pen to Paper -Poetry Compilation By Victor Somtochukwu Nwankwo

Iska   Darkness used to be cold, but now warmth is all I feel  In this enclosed shell of mine.    Madness used to drive me on, but now calmness is all I feel  I think it’s a sign, I might go, soon.    I was used to asking the color of the sky, but now I don’t  They

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The Portrait Of A Landscape

This is a portrait without an easel, a painting without a canvas, floating freely in the seat of memory, unfettered by the constraints of reality. It is emblazoned in my mind, a haunting creation of an artist’s craving. It sits in the sea of my consciousness, this portrait of a desolate scene. It

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The Boy Had Changed

There were tears in his eyes, he realized that now. He must have been crying after he heard the screams of the girl from the other side of the forest. He couldn’t have saved her. There was no way to do that. He didn’t even know who she was, but

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