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#EmmyshubStories ”SANDHURST” by Phylix Chika [Ongoing Story]

How do you tell the dead they are no longer alive? How do you plead with the beast that the mother denied? - From the tales of noon It was hot. But not scalding hot. Just hot enough to bring consciousness back. The ground beneath felt loose and almost soft, but also rough

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#EmmyshubStories “The Letter Game” Short Mystery-Horror by David Onyemaizu

He had always loved these little games. For him; they often provided a vivid sense of comfort and control, and of course the gap-toothed man liked to be in control of certain situations and this was just only one of them. He grinned gravely into the upright mirror which graced the

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#EmmyshubStories “Hieroglyphs” by David Onyemaizu |Complete

“Honestly speaking; this is going to be the best summer ever! Boohoo!” Kyle Dawson screamed loudly as we swerved round the turnpike on Salmon’s Groove, we had been travelling for almost four hours to the outskirts of New Jersey headed straight for Southside Valley which was reputed for its extensive

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