I was home alone. We just moved into this creepy neighborhood. I had recorded some strange events since we moved in.

Mom and Dad won’t believe my observations. They would always put up a flimsy explanations.

“You need to be taking your medications regularly my boy,” I remember Dad told me when I said some one rang our bell, but I could not see anyone by the door when I got to see who it was.

Yes, I might be suffering from depression lately, but I know these bizarre happenings aren’t one of my numerous episodes of depression symptoms.

But why must it have to be me? Why can’t Dad and Mom see this apartment for what it truly is, “evil.”

So, I laid on the couch seeing a moving. Dad and Mom have gone to work. I felt a bit drowsy. I needed to catch some sleep and so I reached for the remote and with a punch, the TV went blank. I skedaddled upstairs as soon as I took my pills and as I was about to open the door to my room, I heard my phone buzzing and so I hurtled down to get it.

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I took my phone from the table. I could not recognize the caller’s ID and so I ignored the call. It came up again when I was about to slide it into my pocket.

“Hello! Who is this,” I asked with the phone trapped to my left ear.

“Hey Ebuka!” came a manly husky tone beyond my recognition.
“You know my name, who are you?”
“I know everything I want to know my handsome boy!” his tone just shifted to a soft whining, mimicking that of my friend’s.

“You have a nice face and you look chubby. And that makes you my type,” he said and giggled.

“So you can see me? You are scarring me now. Who are you and what do you want from me?”

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“You are becoming more anxious and that makes your face even more inviting to my knife. My knife craves for a carve of your face,” he gave out a bout of Scarry laughter.

“Go away and don’t call me again or I will call the police for you,” I threatened him.

“Hahaha… You remember when the bell chimed and you could not find anyone at the door? I control things and it might interest you to know that I can hack networks.”

Now, I hurriedly hurtled upstairs into my room and hid myself into my wall cupboard. Discontinued my call with the strange voice and quickly dialed my Dad’s number.

“Dad! It’s me Ebuka!”
“My boy, how are you? You are not sounding well, it’s anything the matter?”
” Dad, I think there is a monster in the house. Please come home quickly, I’m scared!”


“Ok. See what you will do for me my son, run into you room and hide while I come for you! Ok?”

“I have done that already Dad.”

“Good! And where are you hiding?”

“I’m in my wall cupboard.”

“Hahaha… Thank you very much for the information my little man!” blared the creepy voice.

Chills of fear rushed down my spine when I heard an advancing footstep coming upstairs. The footsteps gave a slurping sound as though someone is matching in a puddle.

I ran into comatose when I felt a cold hands grabbed my ankle with these words, “Oh! He is running high temperature?”

This story was inspired by a creepy novel I read from wattpad.


©2017 Aninze Chukwuebuka Harrison

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