He had always loved these little games. For him; they often provided a vivid sense of comfort and control, and of course the gap-toothed man liked to be in control of certain situations and this was just only one of them.

He grinned gravely into the upright mirror which graced the drawer in his dark room, the only source of light which streamed in was the faint streaks of the silver moon which hung over the dark streets of Hollow Drive.

Over the past few days, since the letter game had begun, the gap-toothed man had kept giving the bait; of course he liked to think of himself as the lone fisherman with the basket of bony baits, the baits needed to choke and drag in the prey.

He licked his lips slowly and pranced around the room listlessly. The last three clues he had sent to Simone Shade had been repeatedly ignored, perhaps; the looney slug was calling his bluff and perhaps not, but the gap-toothed man really knew he had to find out for sure.

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Glancing behind his shoulder, he could make out the package which he intended to have delivered to Simone, there was most certainly every possibility that he could not dismiss this particular clue; he’d be a fool to disregard this one.

He tottered towards the package and picked it up slowly regarding it with a grim glint in his blue eyes; the package itself was a lamp, a nice table lamp designed with flowers which were finely printed on it in neat swirly patterns.

All the other clues he had sent were majorly based on objects which were linked to his favorite letter, a letter which was also part of the gap-toothed man’s name which he even loathed. It was a sarcastic feeling; that he actually hated the rest of his own name and loved the first letter, just the first letter.

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Unconsciously, his right hand caressed the lamp, feeling its smooth plastic texture, and the idea struck him almost immediately.

He picked up a red marker lying on the dresser table and tore a strip of white tape which he pasted at the bottom of the lamp and scribbled hastily on it with his scrawny handwriting.

Smiling with utmost satisfaction, the gap-toothed man knew this clue couldn’t be ignored now, and when Simone had paid for his sin with his life the gap-toothed man was looking forward to perhaps changing his name to finally suit himself, after all; there were many words to one letter.


Simone staggered hazily out of his bed, he could hardly feel his feet on the linoleum floor as he moved towards the front door. The loud banging on his door which had interrupted his dream had since ceased as he approached the door and opened it.

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The night air hit him as he finally made out the package lying just after the foot-mat; he sighed heavily and picked it up.

He had long received two different objects from whoever it was that had been stalking him, but this was even more unique than the last two; he was staring at a table lamp.

Regarding it slowly, he turned it over and saw the tape strip on which had the words: LOOK, DON’T LEAP inscribed on it.

Simone smiled; this had only just gotten better, each of the previous objects sent by his new stalker had had the same letter of alphabet.

He chuckled to himself and headed back into the house.

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