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I’m not sure where Sade got the gun from, and Mark looked like he wasn’t sure either. Where had she got the gun from? How did she get the chance? How did I miss it?

“You bastard. You stupid, fucking bastard. I’ve had it up to here with your shit!” Sade spat out as she held the gun steady. That bothered me greatly. Sade knew how to hold a gun steady? When did she learn how to do that?

“Okay… calm down Temi. You need to calm down, alright honey?” Mark’s attempts at pacifying Sade were terrible. Why was he calling me? It was Sade with the gun!

“Fucker! Not only can you not cheat with sense, but you also don’t remember my name? I’m not Temi!”

“Stop acting crazy. Of course you’re Temi. We’ve been dating for months now, how can you not be Temi?”

“I swear to God, Mark. You call me crazy one more fucking time and I will fucking shoot you!”

I was terrified. Sade had the gun steady in her arms, and despite her flaring temper her aim never wavered. How did I miss her getting the gun?

“Sade… Sade please…” I began to beg, but stopped as her piercing eyes looked straight through me. I swallowed, and tried again. “Sade, this won’t… this won’t help… Please don’t shoot…”

Sade snorted, and I swear it made me feel like shit. “So you’re defending this asshole? This custom made buffoon? I should fucking shoot you as well for saying it won’t help.”

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“Temi… who are you talking to?” Mark asked from the corner of the room he was kneeling in.

Without warning, there was a loud blast. In the small room, it sounded like a wall had just collapsed. Sade had fired a shot inches away from Mark’s head.


“Almost? Hahaha. Almost you say? Fucker, I don’t miss when I shoot. Now don’t you fucking interrupt me when I’m having a conversation, okay dipshit?”

She doesn’t miss? When had Sade learned how to shoot???
“Jesus. You must be crazy, Temi. What the fuck are you—AARRRGH!!!”

Sade shot a round into Mark’s thigh. The sound from the shot mixed in with his screams of anguish and I found myself breaking down.

“Sade please!!! Please stop!!!!” I pleaded again.

Completely ignoring me, she spoke to Mark. “One, I told you my name isn’t Temi. It’s Sade. Two, I told you I’d shoot you if you called me crazy. Shit, I should shoot you again because of number one.”

“Sade you have to stop this! You can’t get out of this!! You’ve shot him! What else do you want?”

Sade turned to regard me. Her lips were warm with a smile, but her eyes were cold with ice.

“That’s easy, Temi. I want to kill him,” she said softly.

“OH SHIT! Oh shit! Bitch, you shot me! You shot me, you bitch!” Mark cried out. At that moment I couldn’t help but wonder why that always seemed to be the first thing people who got shot say. Not “Why did you shoot me?” or “Oh God this hurts!” or “I’ve been shot, oh shit!” but instead “Bitch you shot me!” Like antagonizing your assailant at that moment was ever a good idea.

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I was petrified, but I found Mark’s reactions very unhelpful at the moment. I tried to tell him as much, but Sade read my mind.

“Don’t bother with this twat. He won’t hear you.”

“Oh fuck… oh… fuck… the-the-the blood! The blood! You crazy fucking bitch you—” Mark didn’t complete the sentence before another bullet went through his other thigh. Even though this was the third shot, it didn’t diminish the raging sound of the bullet shooting out of the barrel. Mark’s screams mixed in macabrely with the ringing in my ears. The screams morphed into loud sobs of a grown man crying like a little child.

“Oh Sade Sade Sade… you have killed us o. What is your plan? WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?” I asked frantically. “Can’t you see that shock is getting to him? And his thighs? He’s losing so much blood! Sade, we have to call an ambulance, the neighbours, hell anyone! We can’t let him die!”

“We can’t? Who’s to say we can’t?” Sade asked as she sniffed the muzzle of the gun. The gunpowder hit me hard. “Mark isn’t getting out of this alive. He’s going to suffer. And when that’s over,” she looked at me, “we’ll be done with too.”

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My hands trembled with fear. “W-w-w-wha… what the fuck do you mean ‘we’ll be done with too’? Sade, what the fuck does that mean!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, but she paid me no mind.

Instead, her eyes were calmly focused on Mark. He was fading fast, and when she saw something she was satisfied with, she nodded to herself and took a deep breath. Then an eerie thing happened… she turned to me and smiled.

“Looks like it’s us next.”

I stood confused but for a second, and then what she wanted to do made my eyes pop out. She couldn’t possibly be… no… no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO!

“Sade. Don’t. Sade. No… Don’t…” But she didn’t listen. Slowly, she put the muzzle into her mouth and pointed it upwards. I could feel the heat of the metal and taste the oil and gunpowder on the gun. “SADE. DON’T. DO. THIS!”

Slowly, I felt myself fade away…

Sade just looked at me and mumbled three words that were so clear.

“I am sorry.”

And then she pulled the trigger.



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