Chike was restless. He sauntered by and by, looking very sad, in this small spaced dingy prison, brandishing his arms as he was reliving on how he was captured and thrown into this ugly world. Evening was crawling closer as he had noticed when he could barely see through, for he only had to peer harder to make a sense out of the environment. The room of the prison has only one window, which has several pieces of planks crossed all over its circumference leaving only tiny pin sized holes where small thread of light could slip through to lit the cell a bit.

“if I wuz you one slap eeh, you go go find one place plaster your yansh,” shrieked one of the inmates, as Chike’s fidgeting was disturbing him, and this made Chike to cower in fear as he lowered himself to settle at the other corner of the room, squatting, with his arms wrapped around his legs and his head buried inside the space created by his trunk and the legs, sulking.

In his sulking, the thought of what had transpired started rushing into his mind.


“Chike, you are too trusting!” his mother’s voice danced through the air to greet his ears, but it was obvious that he was acting all stubborn. He took some few moment to hush from what he was doing, stole a flashy gaze at his mother’s face, frowning.

“But, every one of us must have a weakness. Over trusting could be mine,” he retorted and started pacing up and down in search of where he could hide the ‘X-box’ –video game machine, Chima –his friend gave him to keep.

“No matter how big you think you have grown, I’m still your mother. Mara kwa na Okwuru adighi akari onye kuru ya,” she forcefully broke the Igbo adage to him, closing him enough this time. With much fury, she dragged her hand to her son’s face and tilted it towards hers. But he didn’t hesitate to throw away her hand as soon as it came closer hysterically and proceeded to climbing up a stool by the corner of the room when he had decided to put it in a bucket on the counter hung above them.


“Did you ask him where he got the video machine from? Why would he give you the machine to hide but not to play anyway? Chima whose parent barely can provide for a three square meal? Chima who walks and dines with notorious bad boys in the neighborhood? My son, this is not the way I raised you. I raised you to be a good boy,” his mother launched into a furious tirade.

“Mom, listen! I’m not a baby anymore, so stop…”

“Shut up that your dirty mouth my friend and listen to reason. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you,” she chimed in, peered into his impervious eyes, shook her head in defeat and then walked away angrily.

Chike, who was lost in thought as he watched his mother amble into the living room, was jolted back to the present when he heard a knock on the door. His mother already had reached for the remote control of the TV set and had started watching a program on the television when the knock came. And so she expected Chike to answer the door.


“Are you waiting for me to answer to the door?” her voiced swiftly find its way into the bedroom to lash his ears.

Almost immediately, Chike stormed into the living room still wondering who could be at the other side of the door. When the door creaked open, it revealed Chima, who stood in the company of four huge men, gorgeously dressed in a khaki uniform. The sea of ravaging eyes feasting on Chike suddenly plunged him into a state of uneasiness.

“Officer! That’s him,” Chima squeaked, pushing forward his handcuffed hands to point at Chike, who stood flummoxed.

“Are you Chike?” asked one of the police officers.

“Yes. I am.”

“We got information from this young man that you could be one of these notorious criminals terrorizing the neighborhood.”

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“But that’s not true. What evidence does he have to proof that?”

“He testified that you are in possession of a pistol.”

“But that’s a lie. I have never seen a pistol in my life, much less of being in possession of it,” he said, looking into chima’s eyes which was glistening in sheer betrayal.

“What’s happening here, please?” Chike’s mother inquired from the policeman who seemed to be pushing himself forcefully into the room to start the searching already.

“We suspected that your son could be a part of a gang of criminal terrorizing the neighborhood and so we have come to search the house.”

She frowned because she could not place it right why her son’s name should be associated with ‘a gang of criminal.’ Yes, she may have noticed some unusual behavioral changes in his son, but she finds it hard to understand why policemen should storm her house, bent on searching her house. “Okay, and you think you can search my house without presenting your search warrant?” she finally asked.

At this, the policeman who was holding Chima’s trousers, let go of his trouser and immediately tucked his hands into his pockets and started rummaging through and eventually came out with a white piece of paper which he presented to Chike’s mother and at the same time, with his head, he motioned to the other policemen to proceed with the searching.

While the searching was going on, Chike, Chima, Chike’s mother and the policeman holding Chima’s trouser traded messages with their eyes. After something that seemed to be a long time, they came out. “We have searched virtually everywhere Sir, but we couldn’t find any pistol or anything of its resemblance,” said one of the officers who had gone to search the room. The officer holding Chima, fired him a hot gaze as though he was giving him the chance to say something before they walk away.

“Well Sir, I saw him buried the gun in one video game like that,” squeaked Chima, who quickly turned to give Chike a look soaked in huge betrayal, and made a face stricken with smug. At this, Chike’s heart leapt in fury and fear.

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“Oh! That video game machine,” snorted one of the policemen, who sounded as though he knew something could be inside the game, made his way into the room almost immediately and came out with the game. With some steps, he moved away from everybody, and raising the game up some meters high, he swooshes it down and the game came smashing against the floor, the pieces of the casing hurtling in different directions.

Chike could not contain the slap that kissed his left cheek when the gun came to be visible before everyone. He lost his sense of sight momentarily as he turned to face another policeman thinking he was his mother. The slap was too heavy for a boy of Eighteen like him. Chike’s mother watched in confusion as the handcuff moved from Chima’s hand to her son’s, who was still speechless. She certainly didn’t know what to do, but just stood and watched as they trudged her son along and as they load him into the boot of their wagon like a bag of rice until they sped off.


“Chike Ochubaka!” a prison wader shouted, knocking a stick on the iron bars.
At this, Chike was knocked off from the thoughts, which has been his companion for the eight months he had stayed inside the prison.

“Yes!” he answered as he dragged himself closer to the iron bars. He was now looking like a mad man —unkept beards taking base on his chins, tattered cloths and bushy hair and stenching awfully.

“God has answered your prayers. Go ye and sin no more…” the prison wader said, opening the cell door and he walked him to the counter, where Chike’s mother and his lawyer stood patiently waiting for him.

***THE END***

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