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As I shuffled down the road, Mama’s voice became alive to my ears. Her words began to crawl into my mind. “Darkness is full of terror,” this line of her warnings clung firmly. The beating sound of my flip flop was my only companion. I had just left two shops that had shining bulbs and I knew that the next Junction would lead me home. Leaving the two shops, I was plunged into yet another thick darkness and Mama’s creepy stories hunted me the more. I felt goosebumps flooded my tender skin. Again, I doubled my pace at the same rhythm as my heart beat.

Suddenly, something began to shuffled through the bush. With no torch light in hand, there was no way I could have known what/who it was. The movement in the bush would increase at my pace. No Sooner had I picked a race than I felt a hard grip on my hands, and then a warm breathe on my skin. I screamed when it snatched me off the ground, but my scream could not rise above the revving car that just dropped by.

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We had covered a considerable distance before a florescent glow shone brightly from the small bulb fixed to the car roof. All my pleas and screams were watered down by the wet gag placed over my mouth. I was making some prayers. I evoked all the angels in heaven to fight for my course, as Mama would do whenever she needed the angelic hosts to arrest Papa from his new disposition towards life.

I was calling the rescue teams from haven, while the man who held me at my neck was speaking over the phone. The phone was loud enough that I could hear a soft voice pouring out of it.

“Sir! We have caught the fish and we are heading closer to the shrine,” the man who held me spoke.

“That’s good. You know how emotional I could be? I don’t want to behold the innocent girl, whose blood will eventually bring back the peace that once reigned in my family, so kill her before you get to the shrine….” He paused and then continued, “Remember to show her my picture as the native doctor prescribed.”

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“Alright, small boss.” The man discontinued with the call and reached for the seat pouch. I thought it was either the photo or a knife, but I was struck with surprise when he brought out a white piece of clothe. He pressed the clothe over my nose and kept to the position for some minutes. I tried to cease by breathe, but I gasped for air when my lungs went dry. The piece of clothe smelt of apple tinged with banana flavour. Knowing that I must have taken as much dosage of whatever thing he had wanted me to inhale, the man immediately replaced the piece of clothe with a photo of a young boy while he chanted . The boy in the picture was smiling, with a two prominent dimples sitting on his cheeks. I recognized immediately the background of the picture, then, looking closely, Ikenna’s cheery lips and trumpet ears flashed to my eyes.

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“Jeez! It was Ikenna; my elder brother.”

I felt blue and consequently shocked to my bones. But there was nothing else I could do. The drugs in my blood had started eating my strength away. I felt my whole body faded off to numbness. My memory became foggy and hazy and was loosing its strength.

There was nothing else to think about or do, but I have this to say, “I don’t blame my brother but I blame my father.”

“Blame whomever you may wish, for my death, but I curse the day Papa shoot me inside Mama’s vagina.”

***THE END***

Chapter One


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