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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” |Chapter Two

Ken sank into a seat in front of an OR. He felt his heart thudding out loud; he could literally hear the rhythm. They were the rhythms of a broken heart.
He couldn’t believe Bukky really killed Kelvin or ‘Put him out of his misery’, in her words.
Little kelvin had been terminally ill; Mitochondria DNA Depletion Syndrome and it had all started from the inception of his short spanned life.
Ken knew Kelvin’s illness had no cure but he believed with some sort of conviction that little Kelvin would pull through. Rocket science was not needed to deduce the immeasurable amount of love Ken had for Kelvin. Although he was not blinded by his love either, it broke his heart seeing Kelvin at the mercy of a life-support machine. It broke his heart even more seeing Kelvin being fed through his nose. He was quite aware of the ineffable amount of pain little Kelvin was going through, but that shouldnt have given Bukky the right to murder him in cold blood!
Ken imagined Kelvin struggling for his life as little as he was. He imagined Bukky standing there watching him quake in pain until he finally gave up the ghost.
The rage boiling at his core seemed to have reached its highest point when he dashed out of the hospital and slammed his car door shut. With seething rage he turned the steering wheel into a punching bag.
Bukky had decided to go home after Cassandra gave her the talk of her life. Her words gave her reasons to live.
Cassandra reassured her that everything will be alright. Of many, Cassandra was the only one who still stood by her, although she couldn’t tell if it was out of love or pity.
Bukky had made it to her home; her matrimonial home, a home she built beautiful memories with Ken. She was about to sink into the couch and cry her soul out in the dark when the rays of yellow light filtering in through the window from the bulb outside gave away the silhouette in the living room.
Turning on the lights, Bukky greeted Madam O. Bukky wondered what she was doing in the dark, but after studying her closely, Bukky figured she had been crying.
‘Even monsters cry when their heart is breaking’, Bukky thought inwardly.

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Bukky understood what was about to happen; heaven knew she couldnt stand it anymore. Madam O would launch into one of her hissy-fits and she wasnt up for it then.

“I knew you were evil! I knew it from the onset… But I ne never thought you would kill your own son! You are a witch! It’s not enough that you bewitched my son, now you have taken away his source of joy! Till when eh? Amosu! Onye-onwu obara! Till when?! Madam O bellowed with a hint of disdain in every word.
Bukky slammed the door shut the moment she made it into her room. Leaning against it, she launched into another bout of uncontrollable tears as Madam O’s Words danced through her mind. Her shoulders shook as she let the tears roll down her cheeks. Her mouth moved but no words came out.
Her entire being craved for her pills; they would do a real good job putting her under for a while, but that would be the placebo-effect; shed be cheating herself. Bukky shook her head rigorously hoping the thoughts of the pills would fall out. Never agian would she gulp down those white pills; the pills she believed were responsible for sending Kelvin into the open palms of the ‘Reaper’. Never!
Those pills had succeeded in wiping away every ounce of love Ken had for her from the very face of this earth.
She turned down to stare at her feeble hands. The thought that she would never in her life hold Kelvin with them had finally crawled to her forethought which made her feet wobble underneath. She slowly crawled to her bed and sank into it.
Ken barely made it to the curb of his apartment building when he pulled over. He was in a dilemma. A part of him wanted Bukky to stay; another part of him wanted her gone.
‘Sending her away isn’t going to bring Kelvin back’, he thought, But waking up to see her face every morning wouldnt help matters either.
Ken was still in his confused state when his eyes caught a big brown envelope placed on his passengers sit. He wondered why he didnt see the envelope earlier.
He opened the envelope and his brows furrowed at its content. With seething rage, Ken dashed upstairs ignoring a group of boys at a corner probably discussing football, hailing him “Oga landlord!”

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Slamming the door shut as he walked in, ken bellowed, “Where is that whore?!” His voice rang out through the entire four-bedroom flat. Madam O made her way into the living room seconds after Ken’s outburst of rage.

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