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#EmmyshubStories “Fifteen Days Of June” | Chapter three

She found herself running in what seemed like a tunnel. She was also running out of breath. Little Kelvin was clutched to her arms, she felt the Reaper trail behind her like a dark cloud.
“Ken!” She bellowed in the gloomy space.
Everything here seemed to happen without her control.
She felt like she was being watched by a thousand eyes.

Moments after her scream, everything stopped. For a split second, the unintelligible sounds stopped; the rattling of chains and screams of horror stopped. The Reaper’s growl was barely noticeable but within that split second, there appeared a slender feminine figure with a silver blade clutched to her palms. Her brown curls completely cascaded her entire face. Before Bukky could call out for Ken, wherever the hell he was, little Kelvin was bleeding and his blood was dripping from the figure’s blade.
“Kelvin!” Bukky screamed, but Kelvin vanished before her very eyes. The Reaper came in view with Kelvin in his palms. She sat there screaming; pure pain and misery could be heard in her screams.
Bukky wanted to attack the green eyed monster, the Reaper. True she was not armed, but she had to fight; she had to do something!

Bukky stepped on her toes when she saw herself faced with the woman with the silver blade, her neatly parked curls flowing freely to cascade her face. As she was about to charge with nothing but her bare hands, the figure simply dissolved into the air and the Reaper too. Everything was gone. Kelvin was gone. Just then, a whirlwind sucked her in. She found herself aloft in a blackhole.
She jerked awake, sweating profusely; her heart frantically beating against her chest. She recalled the horrible nightmare and broke down sobbing. So she did kill Kelvin. She did kill her own son?!
Sh had this thought racing through her mind as she moved to get herself a glass of water.
She’d just gulped down few sips of the cold comfort when she heard ken’s outburst of rage.

“Where is that whore?!”

For the life of her, she didn’t understand why ‘whore’ was the suitable name to call her. What had she done this time? Did being a whore entail killing your own son? She checked herself. Did she really kill Kelvin?
Following the high pitched tone of his voice, she was now in the living room. Her head was throbbing like somehow, konga drums had been installed in it and crazy children were ecstatically beating on it. Her eyes were bloodshot.
“Ken wh..” She started but stopped when she saw the look on his face.
She had barely inhaled a sharp breath when Ken flung an envelope across the room, forcing its contents to escape and greet Bukky’s toes. Madam O moved with the speed of lightning to grab herself a copy of the pictorial content.
“Ken you have to believe me, nothing like this ever hap–” she began again.
“Believe you after all this?!” Ken pointed at the pictures on the floor which had succeeded in poisoning his heart; erasing with ease all the promises he made to her. The pictures that had succedded in ripping out the love he thought was stronger than any force in the world.
Bukky felt like she could die from all the emotions she felt inside at once. It was unimaginable. She was never prepared for this day when Ken would question her fidelity. It was not enough that Ken had accused her of killing their baby, but now this?
Tears of hurt trailed down her cheeks. Not even in her worst nightmare had she imagined that Ken would question her loyalty to him. Never had she imagined he would humiliate her like this.
But she loved him with all of her heart and needed to make him see the truth since it was now obvious that someone was out to destroy her marriage.
“Ken, you have to tru….” She continued but the hatred she saw in his brown eyes, the eyes she had loved all those years made her choke on her words.
“Don’t you dare mention my name with that filthy mouth of yours” Ken interjected with a low growl.
“I hate you Bukky, you disgust me. Tell me, how long has this been going on? Cassandra was here last week. Did you fuck her in our bed as well? C’mon, TELL ME!”.
“How can you even imagine all these, how can you possibly th–” she trailed off as bile rose in her throat. Bukky’s voice trembled, her hands shook.
“I’ve never cheated on you Ken, you have to trust me!” She pleaded.

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But Ken was not ready to listen.
~It was difficult to convince people once they had made up their mind~


“Pack you things and leave my house!” Ken’s entire body shuddered in anger,

He had been insecure about Bukky’s close friendship with Cassandra but never had he let it show.
Cassandra was almost her number one priority. She was the reason Kelvin was moved to Ebel Hospital. in Bukky’s words “He would get all the best care there”. He hadn’t made a great deal out of it but he hated their close attachment.
But now, seeing a blatant proof of the unholy thing going on right under his nose all these while, he finally managed to lose it.
The thought of Cassandra touching Bukky in ways only him had the right to, made him forget about his humanity also.

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Bukky ~

Ken was now beyond the phase of hearing Bukky’s pleas. It was evident in his eyes, his ‘dim’ eyes that had looked up to her with nothing but affection; all had changed. He now looked at her with anger and seething hatred.
She looked down at the pictures, hot tears of heartbreak trailing down her cheeks dropped on the dark tiles. The will to live left in her after the death of Kelvin had now diminished significantly.
As she bent to pick up the photos she felt Ken’s eyes all over her but before she could look up to meet his gaze ken howled, “Just get out…. pack all your stuff and get out! I don’t want to meet you here when I get back”.

~Everything is bound to go wrong when fate is against you; the puzzle becomes more complex with each passing second~

“Ajaye Bukky… That’s your name right?” Madam O started, her head tilting at the pronunciation of every word then her eyes rested on the rotating ceiling fan.

“I told Ken. I called him ‘Kenechukwu nwam, don’t marry a yoroba woman’, eh. I warned him, I told him! Now look!” She stopped to run an over haul on Bukky who was trying so much to contain her anger and grief.
“Look at what you have married, Kenechukwu; common baby she cannot produce. No, not even a complete one. Now she sleeps with her fellow woman. Hei! Aru! ..” She concluded as she spat on the marble floor.
“I did not cheating on my husband!” Bukky interjected, the rage burning in her eyes now visible even from a mile away.
“I love my husband…. I would never… ev….” Bukky trailed of as a dam of hot tears poured down her beautiful face,
“Never what?” Madam O cut her off, her voice turning acidic as she clapped her hands in mockery. “Never gini? You are a witch, a murderer and on top of that, a lesbian! You are a disgrace to womanhood. Tueh!”
Madam O’s words were fierce and sharp like a double edged sword and it sure hurt like hell.
“I have never been good enough for you. I haven’t been worth your consideration. You have never in your entire life considered me an option. You think no one will love your son the way you do. Guess what? I can! And I do!” Bukky barked, her voice slowly losing its vocal powers.
“You were never good enough, and this just proves it!” Madam O exclaimed her voice turning masculine with a stretch in every word.

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“You know it’s such a shame you can’t marry your own son”. Bukky concluded, disappearing into her room. Spending any more second with Madam O would result in a fist fiaght.

As she leaned against the door, she thought. What was she supposed to do now?
There comes a time in life when death seems more dearer than any other thing, but even death at such time, refuses to reach out when it is needed the most. At such times, staying alive was the biggest punishment and it didn’t matter if you were at fault or not.
She was still mourning her baby and now she had to deal with this new crisis? The universe and whatever controlled it surely hated her. The universe be damned!
Having known Ken for the past four years she knew he would probably see through with his threat and would probably not give her a split second to explain.

With little strength to live still left in her, Bukky decided to go to to the one person she could trust now. Cassandra. Maybe she could explain this whole drama to her.

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Bukky ~
As she approached Cassandra’s flat which was at the ground floor of a five storey building, she heard Cassandra’s loud giggles.
Approaching her door net slowly, she heard her say “I’m sure he’s seen the pictures already ”

Bukky blinked continuously

“He’s probably pissed like hell now. I’m sure he has sent her packing”. she heard Cassandra say again. It was obvious she was on the phone, but could she be referring to her? To Ken?!
Bukky dropped her bag which was containing all her personal stuffs and barged into Cassandra’s apartment ready to give her the beating of her life.



Chapter Four

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