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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” | Chapter Four

Bukky ~
Packing up her belongings was not the difficult and sad part. The sad and difficult part was recalling the beautiful memories each of them held.
As she dashed into the living room with a few of her belongings packed into a medium sized leather traveling bag, she looked around the yellow painted living room; the beautiful memories she built in them came flashing through her mind.
The framed up photos on the wall reminded her of her once happy life. For the second time she felt like she could die from all the emotions she felt inside.
Her once happy life had just fizzled away like a dream. They had now become just a bunch of distant blurry memories.
“What are you still doing here, casting one of your evils spells?” Madam O lashed out as she made her way into the living room.

Bukky sniffled and maintained her gaze on an enlarged frame of her wedding picture.
“What part of ‘pack all your stuff and go’ did you not understand, Bukky? Oh wait…”
Madam O moved towards the framed up photos on the wall and smashed them all on the ground.
“Leave! Go! ” she bellowed.
Bukky wanted to reason with her, she wanted to explain to her that the photographs which portrayed her and Cassandra as lovers were all a ruse. She wanted Madam O to see things from her point of view. She wanted her to see how much of a victim of circumstance she was, but that would’ve been a fruitless effort as Madam O was not ready to listen.

Bukky turned the door knob and walked out of her matrimonial home. She walked out of her three year old marriage. She walked out of her beautiful dream which had recently turned into her worst nightmare. She walked out of that fancy bubble that made other women jealous of her.
With tears running down her cheeks, she flew down the flight of stairs and raced to her red colored Toyota carmry.

After his out burst of rage, he decided to seek solace under the haven of alcohol. Gulping down a few shots of dry Gin he gestured the bar man to fill him up again. He needed to drown his grief and sorrow and the dry Gin appeared to be doing a pretty good job.

For a split second, it amused him how much a fool he had been played. The entire ‘bestie’ thing was all shit!

How could he not have known?
Why was he too trusting?
Why was he so stupid and gullible?
Of course it was all because of LOVE.


~’Love is blind’ has become more of a cliché. But that’s not true; it is the people who are in love that are blind.~

Bukky ~
She parked her car just at the entrance of Cassandra’s apartment building.
She arranged her dishevelled hair and applied light makeup on her sweaty face. Staring at the car clock which displayed 6:17pm, Bukky sighed.
She inhaled a long breath before nodding her head slowly and contiously. Her head throbbed with pain but her heart was worse. She didn’t know that heartbreak could cause so much pain. It was like a sword was literally driven through her heart; the pain was simply unbearable.
No human could go through hell on earth. No one had ever really seen their lives shatter before their own eyes in barely a single day. No one! It just had to be her. She gripped the steering wheel with her slender fists as though she was trying to keep her sanity in check. Right about then, she felt like she could drive off a bridge without looking back. No one deserved this much sorrow, pain and anguish; just no one.

As she approached Cassandra’s flat which was at the ground floor of the five storey building, she heard Cassandra’s loud gigles.
Moving to her door net slowly, she heard her say “I’m sure he has seen the pictures ”
Bukky blinked continuously
“He is probably pissed like hell now. “I’m sure he has sent her packing” she heard Cassandra say again. It was obvious she was on the phone, but could she be referring to her? To Ken!?

Bukky dropped her handbag which was containing all her personal stuff in Cassandra’s balcony and barged into her apartment ready to give her the beating of her life.

As she barged in, Cassandra looked startled and mumbled into the phone “I will have to call you back”.
“Bukky how are y–”
“Don’t even start” Bukky began “So you morphed up these photos Cassandra? Ayemi!…. Ah you are dead, your own don finish today fa”
“What photos?” Cassandra asked, utterly confused.
“These photos” Bukky flung the pictures at her.
“Why?” Bukky demanded now few steps from Cassandra who was staring in awe at the photos.
“I did no–” she began but the loud slap Bukky landed on her cheeks made her swallow her next word.
“Why?! Bukky’s raged up eyes glared at her.
“I did not mo—” Cassandra began again but was stopped halfway by Bukky’s clenched fist.
“I no dey joke o, tell me wetin I do you, tell me!” Bukky was now arranging her white laced knee-length gown as though she was about to get into a street fight.
Cassandra retracted into her dining room, still trying to understand the circumstances behind Bukky’s behavior.
With the speed of a hungry predator Bukky charged at Cassandra like a prey, knocking her down with a jab and making sure she stayed down with constant punches, slaps, jabs; just anyone that came in handy.
Cassandra was beginning to taste blood when she finally got a clue of what was going on. “Over… The ” she began but was quenched by Bukky’s jab, “I was speaking to a patient over the phone! ” she managed to say.
“What?” Bukky elicited
“I was speaking with a fucking female patient who sent her husband an ultrasound photo of the baby she’s carrying”

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“That’s a lie!” Bukky clenched her fist ready to begin her punching again.

“It’s true, her husband wants to marry another woman because she failed to give him a male child but now she is carrying a male child, that’s why I said the husband will send his girlfriend he is intending to marry packing!”
Realising she might be fighting the wrong enemy, Bukky shrugged in defeat but was still confused. “Oh my God… I’m so so sorry I didn’t know what I wa–”
“It’s okay” Cassandra cut her off as she stood on her feet
“Damn, girl you are fast!” Cassandra exclaimed now running her hands on her wounded face with a pained expression.
“I’m so sorry I–” Bukky started but trailed off when Cassandra embraced her in a hug.
“Shhhh, I understand” Cassandra cooed.


His visions were beginning to get blurry and his head a bit light-headed when he heard a feminine voice call out.

“Kenechukwu? ”

Turning to behold the caller, “Ri—-ta?” He stuttered in utmost confusion as he barely recognized the red dressed slender figure in front of him, but he was positive the voice was that of Rita.

“Let’s go…. This is not you … And you are already too drunk” the figure said, wrapping her febble hands around his shoulders and escorting him out of the bar.
It amused Ken how he obliged without a fight.
The influence of alcohol after all.

“The bill…” Ken managed to say as they made it to the car.
“It’s been taken care of” Rita assured


“I think you have a household enemy” Cassandra stated gesturing Bukky to sit on the sofa.
“I, in fact think the same person is responsible for the death of Kelvin, because I don’t get how that machine was switched off in such an unprofessional way ”
Bukky remained mute, as she sank into the sofa, she didn’t know how to open up to Cassandra that she actually killed Kelvin, or atleast thought she did.
“Hey” Cassandra said snapping her fingers in Bukky’s sagged face which brought her back to reality.
“Who have I wronged, Cassandra?”
“No one. Bukky listen to me. We will figure this out, okay?”
Bukky wanted to nod, she wanted to believe everything will be alright but she only ended up hoffing dejectedly.
Cassandra moved to the sofa to wrap Bukky in her arms, to share her ever comforting warmth.
“I’m so sorry” Bukky cooed as Cassandra’s hand tapped her back.

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Cassandra ~
“Its OK Bukky. I understand”.

Cassandra adjusted to behold Bukky’s face, shifting her disheveled curls “I’m guessing Ken kicked you out?”


“Because of the pictures?” She asked holding Bukky’s hands now.

“The pictures were more like the trigger, its all because of—Kelvin, my baby.” Just when Bukky thought she had no more tears left, she remembered how Kelvin was pronounced dead and how she would never see him again, she remembered how his feeble body stiffened and refused to move, she remembered how the pipes he fed through were removed and dismantled.
She wiped away the tears vigorously, her sobs reduced to the point where she was only hiccuping now.
She shrugged in response, while maintaining her gaze at the blank space.
Cassandra wanted to reassure her that everything was going to be fine, she wanted to tell her that come hell or high waters that she would find the perpetuators of this evil plot that had succesded in destroying her marriage and bring them to justice but what’s the point of telling her when she wasn’t even sure of how to achieve that.

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