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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” |Chapter Five

Previously on Fifteen Days of June;

Bukky ~
Packing up her belongings was not the difficult and sad part. The sad and difficult part was recalling the beautiful memories each of them held.

“I’m sure he has sent her packing” she heard Cassandra say again. It was obvious she was on the phone, but could she be referring to her? To Ken!?

Cassandra was beginning to taste blood when she finally got a clue of what was going on. “Over… The ” she began but was quenched by Bukky’s jab, “I was speaking to a patient over the phone! ” she managed to say.
“What?” Bukky elicited
“I was speaking with a fucking female patient who sent her husband an ultrasound photo of the baby she’s carrying”

After his out burst of rage, he decided to seek solace under the haven of alcohol.
For a split second, it amused him how much a fool he had been played. The entire ‘bestie’ thing was all shit!

How could he not have known?
Why was he too trusting?
Why was he so stupid and gullible?
Of course it was all because of LOVE.

His visions were beginning to get blurry and his head a bit light-headed when he heard a feminine voice call out.

“Kenechukwu? ”

Turning to behold the caller, “Ri—-ta?” He stuttered in utmost confusion .
“Let’s go…. This is not you … And you are already too drunk” the figure said, wrapping her febble hands around his shoulders and escorting him out of the bar.

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Cassandra ~
“Its OK Bukky. I understand”.

Cassandra adjusted to behold Bukky’s face, shifting her disheveled curls “I’m guessing Ken kicked you out?”


“Because of the pictures?” She asked holding Bukky’s hands now.

“The pictures were more like the trigger, its all because of—Kelvin, my baby.” Just when Bukky thought she had no more tears left, she remembered how Kelvin was pronounced dead and how she would never see him again, she remembered how his feeble body stiffened and refused to move, she remembered how the pipes he fed through were removed and dismantled.
She wiped away the tears vigorously.

*****AND NOW******

Ken lethargically made it into a bedroom with her arms still wrapped around his shoulders. This Bedroom unlike his, has a lot of pinky accessories.
“Where are we?” He asked rubbing his eyes profusely.
“Shhh” Rita cooed laying him on the bed.
Ken wanted to shrug her off, to get on his feet and go home, but then he was too weak to lift a finger.

The alcohol was supposed to make him forget about Bukky, it was supposed to erase the unholy photographs of Bukky locking lips with Cassandra, a woman! It was supposed to bury the anger, pain and betrayal he felt inside. The alcohol was meant to numb his pain and not weaken every cell in his body.

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The feelings he had for Bukky now was hatred beyond human comprehension. The Bukky he loved for the past four years of his life, the Bukky he promised he would never hurt was the same Bukky he could kill now without thinking twice.

She laid on him for a while and when he didn’t try to fight it, she advanced to lock her lips with his, an action Ken reciprocated without hesitation. The intensified kiss aroused Rita the more. She pulled away moments later so they could both catch their breaths. The huge grin on her face was priceless. It was in fact apt to say then that the smile was synonymous to that of broke girl who had just won a lottery; a huge win.
While going for the second time, Rita trailed her hands over Ken’s masculine figure before advancing towards his crotch. The latter kiss which was more intense than the former propelled Rita to advance further.

As she pulled Ken out of his shirt, she went for his lips again while gently grinding herself into him.
Fumbling around his crotch, she felt his hard member and advanced to wrap her slick lips around it.
The huge grin on her face later diminished when she was riding him and he was moaning Bukky’s name out loud.

Bukky ~
Laying face to face with Cassandra, she fumbled with her necklace almost to the point of it breaking.
“You are nervous”
“Ehh?” She responded trying to appear woke of her environment, but Cassandra knew she was oblivious of it all
“You always played with your necklace when you were nervous or scared”
“I’m thinking about Ken. I mean, what is he really up to. He sounded very upset. I don’t know what…”. Bukky trailed off as her silver necklace broke “no —oooo” she groaned.
“What?!” Cassandra elicited.
“Ken. He is… He is cheating on me” Bukky pitched as flood of tears flowed down her face.
“How can you possibly know that!?”
“The necklace ….it’s…broken. We made a sort of pact… And this necklace represented his fidelity” Bukky said quivering.
“C’mon thats enough, you dont actually believe that do you? Let’s sleep, lets just go to bed” Cassandra breezed wrapping Bukky in her warmth.

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Bukky closed her eyes, hoping to fall into a deep slumber and never wake up again, hoping not to face this cruel world filled with monsters with angelic faces. She wished she could just kick the bucket.

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