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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” |Ongoing Story

What do you do when you wake up one day and find the beautiful dreams you built over the years shattered before  your very eyes?

You find yourself drowning into emptiness, your beautiful past becomes just a bunch of some distant, blur memories

Today Bukky found herself drowning into that emptiness,

“Dr Cassandra, can you please tell me what happened” ken demanded not stealing a glance at Bukky who sat at the marbled floor wailing.

“Mr Ken, I’m so sorry” Cassandra started as she took a peek at the little lifeless figure inches away from her. ” Someone switched off the life support last night… Resulting to seizure, hooked breathing and eventually…. Death” Cassandra detailed with her voice breaking Midway.
“Ken I swear to God, I didn’t do it, trust me I di…” Bukky trailed off as she looked at ken’s eyes horrified, she searched for a pinch of trust in them for her but, there was none.

“Cassandra who was with Kelvin when this happened?” Ken asked marring a stoic face, and completely ignoring Bukky who was now pulling him by the legs.

“Uhh” Cassandra cleared her throat trying to get rid of the instant bile which impaired her speaking, she wished she didn’t have to be the one, the one that would literally break her best-friends three year old marriage, the one that would indirectly  accuse her best friend of murdering her 13 months old baby.

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“Bukky was with Kelvin throughout the night and since we put him ‘under’ to get some sleep ahead of today’s treatment… The nurses or medical personels didn’t come in through the ni…..” Cassandra trailed off as dam of tears overtook her alluring face. She knew she had done it, she had broken them apart. She could see the instant rage in Ken’s eyes.

Ken turned to Bukky regarding her with hatred “How could you!?…. I thought we talked about this… ….. How could yo….”
Ken knelt down on one knee and was an arm’s length away from Bukky when he started lashing out again.
“He was my son! Our son! How could you end him like that….. Without a chance to even say goodbye…. You didn’t even give me a chance to bid farewell you just…..” Ken trailed off also as he seemed to have lost his voice.


Bukky felt like she could die from the grief she felt inside. True she had imagined this day. The day her little kelvin would give up to the ghosts. But she never imagined the arrival of the day where Ken would accuse her of killing her own son. Tears of hurt and disbelief trailed down her cheeks.

“Trust me I didn’t… I didn’t…. I wouldn’t” Bukky started but stopped when she took a glance at lifeless kelvin, the memories she shared with him played before her eyes now like a movie trailer.

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“Ken,” she started again but the raw hatred she saw in Ken’s eyes, the eyes she had fallen in love with all those years made her intake a sharp painful breath

“Don’t” Ken interjected as she tried to speak again, his eyes burning in rage and breathing heavily, ken inhealed sharply before starting “you know.. When you raised the issue of putting Kelvin ‘Out of his misery’ I thought I had successfully talked you out of it.. But look..”Ken pointed at lifeless kelvin who was surrounded by nurses “I can’t ever trust you again Bukky… I hate you! You are a murderer!”
Ken’s rage formed a tight fist with his fingers and for a moment he wanted to hit Bukky , but how could he? He was not a woman beater and he truly loved Bukky.

Ken abridged his fist before storming out of late Kelvin’s room and out of the entire Intensive Care Unit of the Ebel Hospital.
Ken’s words fell like acids on the broken petals of Bukky’s heart.
Maybe she was a murderer, maybe she actually killed Kelvin?

The pills she is addicted to has it’s side effects, often times Bukky would sleep on the couch in the living room and wake up in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and those were days she over dozed, like last night, she had gulped down a huge amount of the pills as it was her only way of keeping her rage at bay and standing Ken’s Mother, MadamO.


Mrs Omariko otherwise known as MadamO is one of the most judgemental and condescending person Bukky has ever met, but that’s ironic because she is believed to be influential, Educative and morally emulative by the public, there is more to her than what meets the eye.

Who said Bukky hadn’t switched off the life support while sleep walking?

It was her utmost crave, she couldn’t stand to see Kelvin undergo so much pain, in her mind she wanted to put him out of it, she wanted to grant him PEACE.
Maybe she was a murderer, maybe she really has blood on her hands? Bukky wondered as she stared at the open space, oblivious of her environment.


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