#EmmyshubStories; “Dont Çry” {Chapter 5}


Previously on Don’t Cry;

“You will have to stand at the junction down your street in nothing but your underwear. I am watching. I am waiting. And so is little Barbara.” The line went dead.

Lara stood still for a few seconds before heading for the couch and shoving her friends aside as they tried to inquire about the call. She slumped into the cushion and dropped her phone on the table, rubbed her eyes until she saw spots, and said in a slow drawl;

“Abike, pour me some wine. And fill two glasses.


Constrictor’s smile fell as soon as Segun said the words, and his demeanour turned deadly. “Someone kidnapped your daughter…” Segun nodded. “You want me to find her…” Another nod. Then a pause. “What about the person responsible?”

“Dead,” came the cold answer.

Constrictor’s legs came off the table. “And you’re ready to do whatever? This won’t be free service.”

“Name it. I will do it,” came the answer. Segun didn’t hesitate one bit.

#5 of 17

The nice uncle came into the house and told her they were going to play a game. It was hide and seek, and mummy and daddy were going to play it with him and her. The plan was to go and hide far away, then see how long it would take for mummy and daddy to find her. She didn’t like it, but then the uncle told her that mummy was currently counting in her head and so wouldn’t answer if she was called. To show that he was telling the truth, he took her to see mummy, and there was mummy lying on the couch.

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The uncle told her to be quiet, so that mummy wouldn’t know which way they went. At first, she wanted to go and meet mummy, but she remembered when mummy told her to always let her be alone any time one of those long bottles were around.

And in front of mummy was a long bottle, with a cup half filled with red water.

The house had been sad for the past few days. Mummy and daddy weren’t happy with each other, and several times she had hid in places to watch and listen to them. They had started to fight a lot. Even when they thought she was sleeping, and they tried to whisper, she knew they were fighting.

It made her very sad. She liked it when mummy and daddy smiled together. The house always got better when everyone was smiling. Her friends in school had parents that smiled to each other, and she saw how her friends were always happy. She wanted to be happy like them, and she wanted to smile a lot too. Maybe if she could smile a lot, then mummy and daddy would smile with her and stop fighting. She had tried that, but it didn’t work as well as she had wanted it to.

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Now that the nice uncle had told her mummy and daddy decided to play a game of hide and seek, it made her very happy. They hadn’t played a game together in a while, and games always had a way of bringing them together. Maybe this time, mummy and daddy will stop fighting for a long time because both of them will be looking for her. And the nice uncle said they would go places together.

They sneaked out the back door, and the uncle led her out of their backyard and down a path she hadn’t used before. Not long after, they came upon a car that the uncle unlocked and asked her to go in the back seat. When she saw the cupcake in the back, she was happy to jump in. And then the nice uncle told her that before they were going to hide, he was going to get her some ice cream.

Little Barbara’s smile was so wide when she took her first bite of the cupcake. It was strawberry flavoured, and she enjoyed strawberry flavoured goodies. She waved at the house as they passed it, and she was already excited for the day as the car rode down the street and into the town. She never saw her mummy wake up minutes later, calling her name in panic while running around the house looking for her.

**to be continued**



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P.S: Are you starting to get the lettering at the start of each segment?

Next on Don’t Cry;

“I thought you said I should come meet you with my decision?” Segun said, calm with the warmth of the liquor.

“Changed my mind. Decided to meet you. Let’s go have that window seat,” BC pointed to a corner. “Bring us rum and Coke,” he said to the bartender. When he and Segun were seated, BC regarded Segun with a perceptive eye. Segun returned the stare without flinching. He was one of the few people that could do that.

“I won’t confess to know what you’re going through,” BC started, “But I will confess to know the possible lengths you’re willing to go to.” The rum and Coke arrived in two glasses, and BC took a sip of his. “There’s a reason you left. Are you willing to get back in?”
Her phone lay on the table, and with a swipe the screen came alive. Her heart sank when she saw there were 5 missed calls. And then it froze when all the calls were from ‘Unknown Caller’.

Lara physically groaned as she remembered what the caller had told her to do. Surely it was taunt. There was no way she was expected to do something ridiculous.



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