“Honey! Wake up. It’s morning.”

Her soft voice echoed into my head, again and again. For some minutes I fought hard to open my eyes. The cold morning breeze that bellowed through the window that stood ajar was beginning to fall on my bare skin. At this moment, I realized that she was out of bed. Her chubbiness was my advantage in the cold; it feels cozy when we cuddle each other. I reached for the digital clock on a side table beside the gigantic bed, looked at it and saw 6:30am. I scrambled off the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

Breakfast was ready almost exactly the time I was ready for work. I watched her walked slowly towards the dining table; careful not to tumble the content of her tray. The food was oozing off hot steam into her face and she perspired. Already my nose had gossiped to me that I was having delicious rice for breakfast, even before the food came into sight. The aroma had covered the whole room. This is one of the reasons why I count myself lucky for the kind of wife I married. To find a woman with this culinary skill is rare. Her love for me and our daughter was an unquenchable love. Huge love that oozed from those her gorgeous eyes, a love heard in the tone of her voice, and a love clearly seen through her character.


“Breakfast is ready and served and somtochukwu has not showed up, where is she? Or is she not going to school today?”

She stared right into my eyes; her mouth pouted and made a face that raised this question, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” in my head. I looked up into the air and clocked my eyes round as though I was trying to remember, but I knew that I was going to remember nothing.

“Have you forgotten that your mother sent for both of us, and so we are using today to go and see her, and we shall be coming back tomorrow?”

With a slight knock in the head I said, “Oh! I forgot. What was I thinking?” “But tomorrow is…”

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“Don’t worry I had prepared a soup which I kept in the freezer. You would only need to microwave some when you are hungry,” she interjected as though she was in my head and knew what I was going to complain about. But she always guessed right.

She watched me gulp down the meal. She poured my water into the cup and offered me a tooth pick when I was done. She moved closer when I leapt to my feet, and knotted back my tie.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she reminded me, when I had almost walked near to the door.

“Oh! Forgive me. It’s just that I’m running late now.” I went back and gave her a peck on her ever smiling face and then dashed out of the room.

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*** To be continued***

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