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To make up for that here is a wonderful master piece by our very own @Chukwuebuka Harrison

Were they kidnappers or ritualists? She doesn’t know, at least not now. She had tried to understand why they were abusing her this way. She has been with them for 48 hours now and they are yet to sold her away to their customers or kill her for money rituals.

They have just had another round of vicious sex with her; two able bodied men. This is the sixth time by her count that they have taken turns on her. Their muscular chest rippling as they belt up their trousers licking their mouth as a sign of a well meaning certified pleasure.

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She watched them disdainfully from where she laid sprawled on the bed with her hands fastened to her back and her mouth gagged to avoid her possible bit and sneer rather than to stifle her noise.

Underneath her white gown which has been ripped into pieces from her struggle with the aggressive men lies her pants which has gone askew. Her scarlet eyes glittering and shimmering as her tears brushes against the light that shines from the white bulb that hangs down the ceiling.

“O boy! Let me go and arrange some oris and ganger down the neighborhood,” one of them said.

“Not until we arrange her on her seat,” the other said gesticulating from her to a seat at one corner of the room which is opposite a big brown cupboard which she believed could be built of pans. “You know how strong she could be for two let alone for only me,” he gave a chuckle.


One of them grabbed her by her arms with his palms stuck under her armpits and the other went for her legs. They swept her off the bed at once and pummeled her on the seat as heard that she screeched from the pains.

“I’m good to go now bro, abi?”


The room was thoroughly padded. Even if a train is made to whistle from inside the room the noise cannot make it to the outside successfully.

The other man reached for his phone that was on top of an iron platform nailed to the wall and flung himself on the bed.

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She watched him as he ran his fingers on the screen of his phone smiling. His smiles caused a surge of bile up to her throat. She boiled and fumed in anger. She wished for a miracle to happen. She wished that the earth be opened and swallow him and send him down to hell fire where he belongs.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 (Finale)



Chukwuebuka Harrison

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