David suddenly jerked awake. He wasn’t sure why he had woken up, but he had. He looked at the digital clock beside his bed and saw 3:14. It was still early in the morning, and he would have to prepare for school in a couple of hours. Oh how he wished it wasn’t a school day. He could do with a very nice break and go play ball with his friends. He still needed to use style and injure Kunle for what he did last time—

What was that?

David thought he heard something, but it was probably his drowsiness. He started to doze again, imagining the next holiday coming soon enough so he—

There it was again.

That… sound. It sounded… odd… He couldn’t tell what it was. But it was starting to get to him. David slipped out from under the blanket and silently opened his door. There was no one on the landing, and the other doors were closed, so what—


Crunch? Did he just hear a crunch?


There it was again! Someone was eating something in the darkness of the early morning! David definitely wasn’t going to be left behind. Taking the steps as stealthily as he could, David hurried down to the lower level and, without skipping a beat, turned right towards the kitchen. He got halfway there before he found the source of the crunches. There was another sound too. It sounded…

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It sounded like someone was tearing something.

David tiptoed through and caught the silhouette of his little sister illuminated by the open fridge’s light. She wasn’t heavily engrossed in whatever she was eating and didn’t even notice when David snickered.

“Den den deeeeen. I will tell mummy you are stealing from the fridge!” David jeered. Normally, Deborah would have looked at him with her innocent eyes to start pleading. But she didn’t. She didn’t even acknowledge him. “Deborah, you this girl. Are you not hearing me?” David asked as he walked closer to her. It was only when he got close that he noticed…

Something smelled funny.

Whatever Deborah was… eating was big. David had to move to the left side of the door to realize what Deborah was eating. On the floor, writhing in pain and covered in blood was his mother. *Their mother*. David’s eyes rounded with horror as he saw Deborah dig into their mother with her teeth, hungrily chewing away her flesh. David wanted to move, but he couldn’t. Not until his mother looked at him, the movement causing pain.

“David…” she hissed out, “*Run*!”

As if on cue, Deborah looked at him, and David recoiled at the sight. Deborah’s mouth was filthy, blood and guts dangling from the corners and splayed all over her pyjamas. Her eyes, they were yellow. *Very* yellow. And when she snarled, David knew he had to get away.

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So he ran.

David ran to the staircase landing, hearing her footsteps behind her as she snarled. A few steps up and David felt something clamp his foot and looked back to see that she had grabbed it, her grip becoming way stronger than he could ever remember her feeble hands giving.

She brought her mouth closer to his foot, and was ready to take a huge bite before David lashed out with his other foot and kicked her in the head. With his foot free, David raced up the stairs and ran into his parents room, jumping on the bed and shaking his father to wake up.

“Daddy wake up! Daddy wake up now! Daddy wa—” David’s words stayed in his throat when his father snarled and then looked at him, his eyes the same shade as yellow. Back-pedalling as he faced his father, he landed on the floor and tried to get away from his snarling father when he heard a growl behind him. David looked back to see Deborah saunter by the door, her yellow eyes locked on him.

His father and his sister closed in on him.

David began to cry and beg them to stop.


He felt their hot breaths on his skin, the teeth biting through and—

—And he woke up with a gasp, completely soaked with sweat. His heart took a while to steady as he checked his body. He was alright! He was okay! There was nothing wrong with—

That sound. Oh Lord, that sound. David heard it. And immediately crept down to check. He had been dreaming. Surely this time, Deborah was stealing something from the kitchen.

True enough, he saw his sister’s crouched silhouette illuminated by the open fridge’s light.

“Deborah…” David whispered, “what are you doing?”

Deborah didn’t answer, but kept munching. David’s heart started beating harder, but he steeled himself. What he had was a dream, nothing more. So he went to step around Deborah and see what she was eating. David froze and felt sick to his stomach. Tears suddenly started falling as he saw his dying mother being chewed out by his little sister.

The moment David knew it was all over was when, with immense pain, his mother looked at him and hissed out two words.

“David… *RUN!”*




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