Bloody Rapists 5 (Finale)

“Hmmm! Your diggy is very big and handful. But let’s see how many of it remains after our surgical procedure.”

She began to make a series of sharp incision on his scrotal sac from the center grease to the outer circumference which kept him bleating like a goat that is in labour as he writhe in pain. He screamed and screamed until his strength has been stifled. Not before long, she raised her hands some inches above the ground so that he could see is magic balls in her palms and scrotal fluid dripping from her hand. She moved closer to his face, squatted and then parted his lips with her knife as she avoided his lurking venomous bit. With his mouth open, she stuck his mouth with his balls and asked him to munch it.

“Munch it now or you will be sorry,” she snapped at him. A mixture of feeling grabbed her now, fierce rage and blood lust.

When his mouth was still agape, as he refused to munch, she passed the steel knife slowly and cleanly again right into his other biceps muscle and with a faint screech he started munching but with weaker effort has he was nearing death.


Night fall was fast approaching and she must finish the remaining task. It was her wish that these two huge bearded men not to make it in their next world. And so she moved to the other man who still laid supine naked, with his penis tilted to his left thigh like a big red-headed Agama lizard, nodding to an imaginary sound.

She looked into his eyes which had the word ‘mercy’ emblazoned on it. But she insisted that she must finish what she had started.

“My parents calls me ‘Chinasa okwu’ (God answers for me), but I have taken permission from God to answer for myself this time. I know you are closer to death. But I want to make sure that even in your next life, you will find it difficult to have sex.” With this she grabbed his penis; the same size as the other man, the same appearance but the only difference is that this one is fairer in complexion.

She passed the tip of the steel blade right into the base of the shaft of his penis and cut it through. Her eyes squinted as the blood sprinkled right into her face with full force this time. The knife ripping off layers of flesh after another, with new bout of blood surge and splashes.


“Wow! So this is the corpus cavanosum muscle that I kept on coming across my text,” she said as she prodded the penile muscle with the pointed end of the knife. “This means that I’m not far from the urethra as corpus cavanosum is meant to flank it by both side,” she continued with her lectures.

The man could not make a sound but only writhe in pains as the knife cut through his shaft. Some minutes later she was done, the penis she grabbed in her palms looked like a gala sausage. She then stuck the penis into his mouth and didn’t bother to ask him to munch it because the man must have sent her deathly message to Satan.

The whole room smelt of tinge of copper and rusted iron. Everywhere was filled with blood. The white cloak on the ground has turned scarlet as it was drenched in blood.

Before she went out, she moved to the guy who was still munching his balls but in a rather slow effort, crouched over him to seat on his chest assuming the position of someone shitting in a pit toilet and stabbed him in his left eye and left the room with the knife stuck in his eyes. When she had walked close to the door, she looked over her shoulder to take a glance at two hefty men lying lifeless on the floor. She went away wondering if she did what she was meant to do or whether she took laws into her hands.

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“Who cares? That serves them right. I’m coming home mum, dad and brothers. Your daughter and sister is coming home for good.”

As these thoughts ran through her mind she remembered that she forgot to ask them for her way home.

“Provided I’m still in Nigeria, I will always trace my way back home.”


Thank you very much for your unflinching readership and for the corrections and the undeserved accolades you poured on me. I’m really grateful.

Aninze Chukwuebuka Harrison ©

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