As he wriggled, wagged and slithered on the floor whining in pains, she began her death sentence sermon as she squatted down over his waist and started undressing him from the waist down.

“So this is what you do to innocent girls. You rape them to death. To what gain if I may ask? Anyway, you don’t need to answer because it is ending tonight. You could have paid for sex. I mean we have tones of thousands of sex workers out there who are willing to offer you sex as long as you want, which ever style that you may wish (Dog style, monkey style, fish style, elephant style, leopard style, cheetah style etc) and most of all at a cheaper price. Do you know that I can escape now if I so wish? But I’m not. I will stay to end it once and for all. I must wipe you and your partner off from the face of this earth. This earth is meant for human beings and definitely not for animals like you who have gone savage.”

At this point, she leapt to her feet and rushed to the window as she got the feeling that the other man could be coming in any moment. She peered through the window and saw him coming with a white leather bag in his hand. She rushed towards the man on the floor and gagged him with the same cloth that was used on her. She quickly looked around the whole room, eyes squinted as though she was plunged in a deep thought. She just found a plank of wood at one corner of the room propped against the wall. She lunged towards it and clambered on top of a wooden counter just above the door, clutching to Iron bars that guarded the windows to aid her in the climbing.


Immediately the man ambled into the room, she send the plank into the air which hurtled and slammed him hard to his face. He squeaked like a mouse caught in a trap and landed to the floor sprawling. She jumped from the height onto the floor. While he laid on the floor unconscious, she tied his hands and legs very strong with the ropes. She reached for a bowl of water that was on the center table in the room and emptied it on him as she poured it on his face.

Slowly he woke up to the unforseen nightmare. He attempted to rise to his feet but had just noticed that he has been bound both hands and legs. He looked completely flummoxed. He looked up to see her coming closer to him with the short steel knife in her hands covered with blood. She crouched over him and embedded the knife gently into his right part if his chest with these words slipping out of her lips slowly, “I hate this your devilish eyes” and he wailed and moaned in pains.

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“I am not killing you yet. So, that is why I didn’t go for your heart. Did you know who I am. I’m sure you don’t. Well! You are looking at a final year medical student. And trust me, I know all the part of your body, all the names of your arteries and veins, the one I should cut that will cause you an excruciating pain before your death, I can go for your jugular vein or your carotid artery which will plunge you into a temporal fit of madness. But before I get started with you, I want you to tell me what you want to do with that acid in the nylon you just came back with?” She waited for an answer and when it was not coming forth, she passed the steel blade cleanly right inside his biceps muscle and he wailed, bleated and spurred something that meant that he was going to talk.

“It’s an acid. I – I – bought – -”

“That’s enough!” she chimed in. “I don’t have time for your stuttering. Whatever you had planned to do with the acid is not important now. Let’s get this over with.”

She again, pulled down his panties as she did to the other man who laid supine on the floor, now nearer to death than he is to life.

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She looked into his blinking eyes which were filled with terror as she slowly grabbed his fleshy, massed, dark and monstrous cock and twisted it to grab the scrotal sac which contained two healthy balls.

“Hmmm! What do we have here? A giant cock that have the impetus to have a taste of my – ” “Okay! — Have you heard of the word castration?”

As he remained mute to the question, she gave him a slight but sharp cut on his chin which sent down his spine a stream of excruciating pain and he moaned more than ever and began to swing his head to show that he has not heard of the word.

“Good! They just taught us in school but you denied me the chance to observe the practical procedure. Anyway, I have got you as my live cadaver now. This will offer me the chance to see every arteries, veins, muscles, valves, internal organs as they are in vivo, real, fresh and clear. We are going to learn the procedure now since I have learnt the theoretical aspect.

She casted a sly look at him and smiled.

… To be continued.

Aninze Chukwuebuka Harrison ©


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