As he was still scrubbing off the urine, suddenly he paused and stood with his mouth left agape and he looked puzzled, as though he was sorting the words to say to her.

“Wait ooo, is it because of this sixth rounds of sex we have had with you that is making you loose your ability to hold back urine?” “Hahahaha,” he laughed slyly and continued, “May be your thing is not even as strong as you portend to be. The last girl we did similar thing had lasted for 100 rounds of sex before she died and you have just had six and you shaking already. You are not serious.”

He picked up the bucket with the mob stick and proceeded outside, when he was done with the scrubbing. And exactly this time, she had cut herself free, removed the gag and ran towards the door to hid herself beneath the wall drapes with the knife still wielded in her hand. Ready for whatever that comes.

“Chinasa be strong. You can do this. Do it for your loved ones. You mother, your beloved father and your two handsome brothers who by now must have cried themselves to comatose at your disappearance.This is self defence, so don’t think that you are going to commit murder. If you don’t do what you must, they will kill you anyway. Now, be ready to stab him right into his left part of the chest. That is where human heart lies. You can’t afford to miss it. If you do, you cannot stand a chance with him. Remember this, that when you miss your target, he will not show mercy and he will kill you instantly.”

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The man ambled inside the house and turns to lock the door. He had walked into the room before he noticed that she was not there again. When he turned to run back, he ran into her steel knife but she missed her target as the knife pierced into his stomach. He squeaked as the knife run cleanly into his stomach deeper with more pressure she applied. She then withdrew the knife and tried to make another stab right to her target but was not successful as the man caught her hand in the mid air and tried to pull her by the neck, but she swiftly sent him to the floor sprawling as she pummeled him hard to his dick with her knee and with an unforseen uppercut. She was startled as to where she learnt how to give a clear uppercut. May be the miracle she had prayed for has finally began to manifest.

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On the floor, he growled in pains. He was not sure which of the pains to soothe first and so he held his manhood with one hand and with the other hand he tried to squelch the ever flowing river of blood gushing out from his stomach. She looked at him closely and noticed how weaker he was becoming, presumably as a result of too much blood he was loosing. But she was not going to take any chances. She thought he could be feigning the weakness and so she didn’t relent, she drew closer and crouching over his neck, she slightly lifted his head up from the ground to expose his neck and gave him a clean but superficial slit on his throat which send some splashes of blood hurtling into her face, her lips and on her gown too. She felt no remorse about what was happening. In fact, she was enthusiastically engaged in the inhumane torture. At the moment, the word ‘sympathy’ has gone to oblivion in her dictionary. She laughed every now and then as her blade cut through flesh, blood bubbling up and splashing everywhere and with a bout of wail following suit.

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From his throat came a croaking sound as blood gushed and spread out on the floor. As he wriggled, wagged and slithered on the floor whining in pains, she began her death sentence sermon as she squatted down over his waist and started undressing him from the waist down.

… To be continued.


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