Bad Government and Ful-ani herdsmen

Emmyshub Top writer “Chukwebuka Harrison” has taken a tide with the pen and this time its about the Fulani herdsment and the Government, read the article below :

i hate them
you hate them
we hate them
they are called the ful-ani
when they are in truest sense
‘foolish animals’

i thought
you thought
we thought they are cattle rearers
when their blades were trained to
butcher humans
their blades seeking after
our bloods

i see them coming
you see them coming
we see them coming
matchet clutched at one hand
Ak47 at the other
while they come to wreck
havoc, destruction and to maim

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i cry out
you cry out
we cry out in fury
our building; grotesque and
new, razed down to gray dust
babies weaned from their
mothers nipples abruptly, where
cries is their only excitement
our loved ones littered on
the floor like garbages

i arm myself
you arm yourself
we arm ourselves
and they said no
they forbade us from carrying
they made us retreat our arrows
back to their quivers and our
swords sheathed
yet they strick again and
cries of the innocent dancing
hopelessly every now and then,
again and again.

NB: Bad GOVERNMENT and Nonsense Ful-ani Heardsmen.

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