A Night At The Office (2 of 2)

A Night At The Office (2 of 2)

Waking up now I couldn’t find my phone the hallway was thick dark, the tiny rays of the street lights that beamed earlier from the second gate that I unlocked seemed to have been turned off, and I couldnt find my phone it was not in my pocket perhaps it must be on the floor, I started searching for it blindly with my hands randomly on the floor, until I touched someone’s feet, I jerked, fear grasped me, my heart was no longer in my stomach it was now in my anus..

A weary voice said from the other side of the hallway.
I turned as the voice came from behind me, there was nothing to see, it was like a thick cloud of darkness,then rays of light emitted from a very old lamp, the light seemed to have lit on its own, do know these type of lights where you pour kerosene in a used vitamin c bottle then you put a thread in the cover, that was the type of lights that lit, we used to call it mpanaka

But the type of light or the type of lamp which the light emitted from was the least of my worries because now I can see who made that statement… It was a man, an old man, completely bald on the head and on the cheeks, he tied a black wrapper around his waist and he wasn’t putting on any shirts or whatsoever to cover his chest, I looked closer and I saw white long hairs around his nipples and I saw white fluid dropping from both his nipples, that was when I froze up,


I was already cuddled up on the floor, I wanted to stand up and runaway, but I couldnt, I tried to shout but then my mouth just opens without voicing out a single sound, there was this internal feeling I was having like a force trying to suppress me, the force made it difficult for me to breathe then I heard
“Looks like it’s a lost spirit”

A voice closer to me said and immediately another light lit !
I saw his face, he was dark, thick skinned and wrinkled face and like the other man he was equally bald except that his nipple was dropping a whitish fluid from the left hand side only. And he was tying a red wrapper, he must be the one I touched his feet. The both of them seemed to be in their late 70’s

But then
I received a tinge of strength perhaps it was the second light that gave me strength, I stood up staggering, afraid and confused,by then I knew I had one choice and it was to call upon thee who created me so then I started praying I shouted “Jesus !” Three times then the whole hallway lit with lamp fire,

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there were atleast 19 men seated in opposite directions there, and they were all sitting on people’s back, as the fire lit, all the people they were sitting on turned to stare at me, I won’t lie to you, fear grasped me, I thought my heart was in my anus, but with the looks in their eyes I realised that my heart has completely left my body,

Their eyes were like that of a hungry lion and it glowed, their faces thick dark, with the most hideous birthmarks I have ever seen, they were atleast in their 20’s, that was when I saw what was before me, it was indeed a shrine, I startled, I was standing in front of a shrine surrounded by old men sitting on young men?
then I went on and fired on with my prayers, what else can I do, I now started speaking in tongues, My brother I am as surprised as you are which day did I start speaking in tongues?,
I continued praying with my eyes closed until I heard “Leave!”

Then I woke up, I was still lying on the floor, my phone’s flashlight was still on, the rays of the street lights were now visible,
it all seemed like a nightmare, I quickly stood up locked the door very well and dashed towards the staircase
I set to lock the second gate but this time around I kept my phone on my toes so that the flashlight can still give some rays of light to the dark staircase, I was still locking the gate when I heard that one foot step again, my brother I left the gate, grabbed my phone and acted my own version of Fast and furious 9.


I got downstairs and slammed the gates then everyone in the main road started looking at me like a crazy thief, when I saw people, “ugh” I breathed out, calmed my self down for a while, i tried to remember what i saw that actually made me to collapse on the floor in the first place, all I can remember was a bird some sort of an Owl, except that the two eyeballs of the owl were beaming two different colors, Red and Golden, that’s all I can remember the rest just fizzles away.
I also don’t know what was making that one foot step…. I locked the gates and flagged down a tricycle,
But I think it’s the malaria drugs playing with my imagination ????

Part 1
Emmy Isaac©

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