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#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” | Chapter Four

Bukky ~ Packing up her belongings was not the difficult and sad part. The sad and difficult part was recalling the beautiful memories each of them held. As she dashed into the living room ...

#EmmyshubStories “POINT BLANK” | Short Thriller Story

(explicit language included) ============ I’m not sure where Sade got the gun from, and Mark looked like he wasn’t sure either. Where had she got the gun from? How did she get the chance...

#EmmyshubStories “FIFTEEN DAYS OF JUNE” |Ongoing Story

What do you do when you wake up one day and find the beautiful dreams you built over the years shattered before  your very eyes? You find yourself drowning into emptiness, your beautiful ...

#EmmyshubStories “INSIDIOUS” |Completed

"Darkness is full of terror!" mom once told me. "You are a woman, women don't stay out late, especially this election eve," she would add, tugging at her ears. And I would wonder how inappro...

‘SURVIVAL’ short story by ‘Chukwebuka Harrison’

#FICTION #SURVIVAL #1 ========== “I can’t just stand here and watch you die,” Nkechi said, her voice laced with deep emotions. “I must go and find help.” There on the floor, in the s...

‘TRANCE’ a short thriller story by ‘Phylix Chika’

#Fiction Trance ====== It was beautiful, the sunset. It had an aura around it. Explaining it with words wasn’t a very easy thing to do. Especially the sunset up on the hills Ada had ...

‘SADE’ a short thriller story by ‘Chi Neye Nwa’

The sound woke me. I Jerked up and sat on the bed, clutching my night dress together. I heard the sound again, it was gunshots!!! And it was close I quickly got off the bed, grateful for...

‘Mother’s Unconditional Murder’ By Onyeka Micheal Chiemelie

  His mother was my mother’s best friend. They did everything in common from gossiping and backbiting to calculating when their period cramps would fall through. The calendar date...

“Murder Me” short thriller story by David Onyemaizu

Murder Me The sofa was soft and easy, the room quite dark and creepy. But nothing creeps me out, absolutely nothing. Not even the fixated stare of the man seated directly in front of me; a ...

“DARKNESS!” By Onyeka Michael Chiemelie

It was Ada’s usual way of thinking. When she thought, she imagined the words floating around in her head. Strings of white graphic, struggling to find space in a black planet. She dreamt ...

#Emmyshubstories “Dont Cry” [Completed]

#Fiction And so it begins, guys and gals. The very first entry to Don't Cry. Let's tune in! ====== #1 of 17 ====== B -- Where had things gone so wrong? Where was that fork in the r...

#Emmyshubstories; “Voices In The Night” {Complete Story}

I've been in this village for two weeks. Two weeks of waking up to a brown rooster crowing close to my window. Two weeks of watching the hills bury their heads into the clouds every morning ...

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#EmmyshubArticles “THE AFRICAN RENAISSANCE” | By Abimbola Micheal Bismarck



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Woman’s horror after Galaxy Note 9 “burst into flames” inside her purse (photos)

A woman who claims her Galaxy Note 9 smartphone "burst into flames" inside her purse is suing Samsung.   Diane Chung, a US real estate agent, says the new Note 9 model l...

Facebook has had the worst day in stock market history as shares plunged 19 percent, wiping $119 billion off the company’s value.

Russia blocks upto 16m IP addresses in battle against Telegram App

MMM official website taken down, amid the death of founder and CEO Mr. Marvrodi

Cryptocurrencies is ‘super risky’ and have caused death ‘in a fairly direct way’ ~Bill Gates

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