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THE PAIN OF A WIDOW *episode one* by chukwuebuka Harrison


THE PAIN OF A WIDOW #1 (by chukwuebuka Harrison)


They were living peacefully as husband and wife. They bath together, each of them scrubbing the other’s back, smiling at every little cause for such. She wakes up very early in the morning to start her display of her culinary skills. They offer their morning prayers together to make sure that they observe the dictates of the bible.

“When two or more are gathered in my name, I shall grant their request”.

She would serve him his meals and proceeded to ironing his clothes and polishing his shoes. All these chores she does routinely happily without any complain. But in all these, their happiness was yet to be complete.

“it was over two years now since our marriage, yet not a single fruit to show for it”, simbi said almost on the verge of crying, as she picked things from a bag into another.

It was Christmas, and they are getting set to return home. John walked up to her, sat beside her and his left hand resting on her back.

“you know we are medically fit, there is nothing wrong with us, at least the last hospital check up we ran proved it”, he consoled her. We should try and leave everything in the hands of God. He said this because he was a staunch Christian who doesn’t do anything other than the dictates of the church.

Now in the village, nothing has changed, except that the whole rooms in the house were beautiful painted with dust and beautiful patterned with curb webs. Simbi walked down the kitchen and came back with a broom and a shovel. She actively engaged herself in the clearing of the curbs, cleaning of the dust, scrubbing of the floor and placing the home items in their appropriate positions. She did a good job as everywhere brightened up tremendously. Not very long after the clean up exercise, visitors started trooping in their numbers, each of them expecting a gift or at least something from the city.

“Please manage this one”, he would say when he offers his gift.

“Tankusa” many of them replied in an unrefined grammar.

In the middle of the night, John’s mother woke him up as she knocked so hard on the door.

“Nna m! Follow me, I want to ask u something” she whispered when her son opened the door, but it was loud enough that Simbi could catch a bit of the sound as she was already awake from the hard knock on the door.

They sat on a bench, long enough to contain both of them even when his mother had a very wide and big buttocks. They were sitting just behind the windows of the room where simbi was.

“Why have u chosen to marry ur fellow man as a wife, it has been two years now after u married that prostitute, that witch u called ur wife, who has denied me the joy of having grandchildren” she squeaked wearing a scary look on her face.

“Haba Mama!! Ahn ahn! Is no……..

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